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Application of Fuzzy Logic Teaches Drones to land on Moving Targets
Artificial Intelligence:
posted: 03/03/2017

Interactive health apps may inspire healthy behaviors, but watch the tone
posted: 03/03/2017

Adjustable Smart Desks join the Internet of Things
Augmenting Organics:
posted: 03/03/2017

Poker-playing AI program first to beat pros at no-limit Texas hold 'em
Artificial Intelligence:
posted: 02/03/2017

Oculus facing legal ban on VR code used in its products
posted: 02/03/2017

Man accused over 3D-printed guns is sci-fi fan
posted: 02/03/2017

DJI drones use plane avoidance tech
posted: 28/02/2017

UK Government targets sexting and cyberbullying
posted: 28/02/2017

UK robotics research gets £17.3m pledge
posted: 28/02/2017

Printable solar cells just got a little closer
Computing Power:
posted: 19/02/2017

Ford developing pothole alert system for drivers
posted: 19/02/2017

Valve 'comfortable' if virtual reality headsets fail
Total Immersion:
posted: 19/02/2017

Google hails net balloon ‘breakthrough’
posted: 19/02/2017

Pioneering chip extends sensors’ battery life
posted: 08/02/2017

Scientists develop ‘lab on a chip’ that costs a penny to make
Computer Aided Manufacture:
posted: 08/02/2017

New method improves accuracy of imaging systems
Display Technology:
posted: 08/02/2017

More screen time for kids isn’t all that bad
Augmenting Organics:
posted: 08/02/2017

New algorithms by U of T researchers may revolutionize drug discoveries
Pure Research:
posted: 08/02/2017

Mimicking nature’s cellular architectures via 3D printing
Computer Aided Manufacture:
posted: 08/02/2017

Complex 3D data on all devices
posted: 07/02/2017


Latest Linkings

Virtualizing Healthcare >> Google Deepmind: Should patients trust the company with their data?
(added 15/10/2016)
A BBC article looking at the pros and cons of Google's DeepMind AI system for sifting through patient's medical data looking for missed connections between symptoms. It consideres the difficulties inherent in letting a private company comb through that most sensitive data, raising legal and privacy concerns along the way.

Telehealth >> Toothscan Dental Health Technology
(added 18/06/2016)
A telehealth device just entering the market at time of writing, offers the chance to perform dental health scans at home, providing a daily record of tooth health to aid a dentist, or perhaps more pertinently, flag up a warning if a tooth is starting to degrade – before the pain sets in.

Computer Aided Manufacture >> 3D Printing Body Parts and Teeth: What's Next?
(added 18/06/2016)
An overview of how 3D printed prosthetics are changing dentistry. Covering in overview form, several different technologies for creating teeth: Everything from creating custom bridges to exacting perfection, to creating teeth that kill bacteria in the teeth around them, just by being used.

Computer Aided Manufacture >> Have You Heard of the 3D Printed Tooth That Kills Bacteria?
(added 18/06/2016)
When most people think of 3D printing, they think of the printer using plastic, resin, or maybe some metals. Yet, as this article demonstrates, you can 3D print with almost anything providing it can be reduced to a powder form. In this instance, a 3D printed tooth is made of a resin infused with antimicrobial quaternary ammonium salts. This means they exist right through the tooth, and as the outer surface is worn away by use, more and more antimicrobial material is released into the mouth.

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Virtual Dictionary

Latest Term: Remote Controlled Weapon

A Remote Controlled Weapon or RCW is basically what happens when you militarise a waldo. These teleoperated devices are used to protect installations or kill enemy soldiers / destroy enemy vehicles whilst the operator is somewhere safely away from all the fighting.

Slowly RCWs are being transferred to operation by AI systems rather than human operators. The AI can identify and track potential targets, manoeuvre one or more RCWs under their control into pointing at them, load it and make it ready to fire. However they typically require approval from a human operator before they actually open fire. This is due to the limited intelligence of the weak AI, limitations in distinguishing objects with machine vision, and a normal cultural requirement to have a person ultimately responsible for firing live rounds.

See Also: Weak AI, Neural Network, Machine Vision, Waldo, Teleoperated Device

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Latest Hostings

Neuroprosthetics >> VR Interfaces: Inupathy - Neural Interface Dog Mood collar
(added 01/02/2017)
The Inupathy collar is an empathic collar, a brain machine interface for your dog, that visually transmits your dogs emotions in real-time, by reading the dog's heartbeat as a biometric marker for the emotional turmoil going on inside. It learns and adapts to the dog, and offers an insight into your best friend's thought process, to bolster the ones you already have. It's a brain machine interface for the heart.

VR & Crime >> Telepresence used for Criminal Court Proceedings
(added 11/01/2017)
Industry news, originally posted 11-01-2017, deemed too important to allow to fade. On the 11th of January 2017 the trial of Rolf Harris's alleged sexual misconduct started - marking the first time telepresence was used for the sole representiation of the defendant in a UK court of criminal law, and quite possibly the first anywhere.

Augmented Life >> US Research Indicates Thousands are Using Pokemon Go Whilst Driving
(added 18/09/2016)
It would seem that when mirror worlds combine with mobile phones, there is a very real problem that too many users don't understand that it is not always safe nor appropriate to access the mirror world. A study here looks at the incidence of driving with or near misses with pedestrians whilst playing Pokemon Go via social media in a ten day period, with alarming results.

Alternate Lives >> People conform to the norm whether that norm is physical or virtual
(added 15/01/2015)
Industry news, originally posted in January 2015, deemed too important to be allowed to fade. Often enough it is human nature to conform. This tendency makes us follow the lead of computers, even if the machines give us the wrong advice. This is the finding of a study in Springers journal Psychonomic Bulletin & Review that investigates how people make judgment calls after interacting within a virtual environment.

Augmenting Surgery >> Improving Robotic Surgery by integrating Augmented Reality Elements
(added 31/03/2014)
Robotic surgical procedures are carried out with the aid of a camera system attached alongside the tools on the robotic arm that is inserted into the body of a patient. A surgeon carries out the operation by seeing through the camera's eye. As such, augmented reality systems have always seemed a good fit to overlay a virtual representation of the patient's innards, along with the full size and shape of the target area, on the display screen. However, the difficulty of AR object recognition inside the body has always proven too much of a hurdle. Until now.

Artificial Intelligence >> Simple Yet Highly Effective Robotic Boost to Mass Spectrometry
(added 30/03/2014)
A group of biochemists at Georgia Tech had a dream; a dream of being able to automate the process of gathering samples for mass spectrometry. A dream whereby they could just hand the analysis tool a sample. It didn't matter what colour, shape, size, density, or anything it was. The tool would take over and just know how best to approach the problem of obtaining the sample. A nice pipe dream... until the College of Computing at the same university got wind of it.

Latest Products

Embodied Avatars >> Futureworld
(added 16/04/2010)
Futureworld is the sequel to Westworld, yet it takes an entirely different direction. Meant to be the film that spun the Westworld franchise into an anthology set, instead it was the film that buried it. Futureworld has some great ideas, and like many films of the era, is a goldmine of nuggets concerning robotic technology, virtual reality, augmented reality and social implications.

Pure Research >> Programming the Universe: A Quantum Computer Scientist Takes on the Cosmos
(added 25/03/2010)
Programming the Universe is a Simulation Argument book. Lloyd, a professor at MIT, works in the vanguard of research in quantum computing: using the quantum mechanical properties of atoms as a computer. He contends that the universe itself is one big quantum computer producing what we see around us, and ourselves, as it runs a cosmic program.

Pure Research >> Decoding Reality: The Universe as Quantum Information
(added 25/03/2010)
Decoding Reality is very much a Simulation Argument book. In its pages, physicist Vlatko Vedral argues that we should regard the entire universe as a gigantic quantum computer.

Teaching and Training via VR >> Women and Gaming: The Sims and 21st Century Learning
(added 21/02/2010)
Video games have become both big business and a technological focal point for new forms of learning. Today games are not just played; players engage in game design, write fan fiction, and organise themselves into collaborative learning communities. In these communities players acquire 21st century skills in technology, but, in the best of these communities, they hone these technical skills and strengthen emotional and social intelligence.