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 eGames promotes virtual reality

This story is from the category Sounding the Future
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Date posted: 12/10/2006

David Wortley the Director of the Serious Games Institute at Coventry University and Gavin Dudeney of The Consultants-E will deliver a Second Life workshop at the forthcoming eGames conference scheduled to be held 10 - 11 December at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

'SL does pretty much what it says on the package: players control their virtual alter egos - avatars - to live an alternative life. It offers hundreds of activities, from the mundane to the strange: you can make friends, travel, attend a pop concert or visit vampire castles,' said Mohammed Al Maskari, Director General, Knowledge Oasis Muscat and organizer of eGames.

When asked about the SL trend, David Wortley said: 'Second Life is moving up the list of places digital marketers want to be. Not only do these worlds give all brands the chance to connect with their constituents within a social construct, they also represent platforms where brands can enable players of the games with services, products and experiences. SL is growing by 22 per cent each month and if this continues there will be 3.6 million Second Lifers by July 2007.'

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