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Proceedings of the fourth Modelling and Simulation conference IASTED (International Association of Science and TEchnology for Development) ran, back in 2005. Comprising 479 pages, and 172 papers. Topics include:

 Communication, Computers, and Informatics;
 Automation, Control, and Robotics;
 Biomedicine and Biomechanics;
 Environmental Systems;
 Economics, Management, and Operations Research;
 Identication, Modelling, and Simulation;
 Modelling and Simulation Methodologies;
 Energy and Power Systems.

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Full Paper List:

Application Level Intrusion Detection using Graph-based Sequence Learning Algorithm
Y. Dong, S. Rajput, and S. Hsu (USA)

Using Polynomial Approximation to Rectify Distorted Images
C. Ward (Trinidad and Tobago)

Using Pseudo-Farin Points on Variable Degree Polynomial Splines for Font Design
Q.-N. Tran and M. Kankanawadi (USA)

Towards the Improvement of Automatic Speech Recognition by Integrating Dynamic and Static Auditory-based Acoustic Distinctive Features and Spectral Cues
H. Tolba, S.-A. Selouani, and D. O'Shaughnessy (Canada)

SMART: The Next Generation Software Platform of Embedded System
T. Chen, J. Huang, and W. Hu (PRC)

Implementation of a Graphic Interface for DFE Equalizer Simulation for SFN in the ATSC Standard
E.M. Lopes and A.C. Ferreira (Brazil)

Queueing Analysis of a Synchronous Pipeline
S. Hosseini-Khayat (UAE) and I. Marvian (Iran)

A Classroom Simulation of Massive Parallel Computing
H. Lin and K. Nguyen (USA)

A Service Specification Description Model for Avoiding Miss-detection of Feature Interactions in a Simulator
S. Kawada, M. Shimokura, and T. Ohta (Japan)

An Aspect-Oriented Approach to Code Segmentation
A. Wagner (Hungary)

Mapping UML and Business Process Simulation Models for BP and IT Integration
S. de Cesare, M. Themistocleous, and A. Serrano (UK)

Adaptive Fraud Detection based on User Behavior Mining
J. Xu and A.H. Sung (USA)

Service Availability for Air Traffic Control Air/Ground Voice Communications in the Gulf of Mexico
L. Monticone and D. Liedman (USA)

A Performance Comparison between the Linear Queue and the Circular Queue in Web Servers
Y.-W. Bai and P.-A. Chen (Taiwan)

Automation, Control, and Robotics
A Tracking Simulation for a Hybrid Stewart Platform Manipulator
J.-H. Chin and X.-E. Peng (Taiwan)

Modelling of Bulging Friction Brake Mechanisms for a New In-pipe Inspection Microrobot
M. Ono and S. Kato (Japan)

An Optimum Modelling Design of Iris Recognition System
Q. Mu and M. Xie (PRC)

Sensor Fusion and Model Verification for a Mobile Robot
M. Bisgaard, D. Vinther, K. ?stergaard, J. Bendtsen, and R. Izadi-Zamanabai (Denmark)

Distributed Online Experience-based Optimization of Mechatronic Systems
W. Dangelmaier, P. Scheideler, E. M?nch, and A. D?ring (Germany)

A Mini-Baja Active Suspension Modelling using ADAMS/Car?
A. Drivet, R.A. Ram?rez-Mendoza, R. Morales-Men?ndez, and F. Pe?a (Mexico)

GPS and Kalman Filter Integration for Application in Autonomous Vehicles
M. M?ndez, R. Soto, and J.L. Gordillo (Mexico)

Biomedicine and Biomechanics
SANTOSTM Hand: Workspace Analysis
E. Pe?a Pitarch (Spain, USA), J. Yang, and K. Abdel-Malek (USA)

3D Order Statistics Filters for Ultrasound Imaging
V. Ponomaryov, R. Sensores-Pech, and F. Gallegos-Funes (Mexico)

Modular Model for Studying Urinary Bladder Drug Therapies
R. Karba, A. Belič, I. Grabnar, V. Logar, A. Mrhar, and D. Matko (Slovenia)

A Three-Dimensional Stochastic Model for Tissue Growth
B.B. Youssef (Canada)

A Model of Quantization Table for Medic Images using Genetic Algorithms
L.F. Costa and A.C.P. Veiga (Brazil)

Recognition of Alzheimer's and Creutzfeldt-Jakob's Diseases using Fractal Dimension and Backpropagation Network Techniques
R. Rodriguez Quintanar and V. Ponomaryov (Mexico)

Environmental Systems
Simple Model for Turbulent Brownian Coagulation of Polydisperse Aerosols
A.T. Celada and A. Salcido (Mexico)

Simulations of Reservoir Inflow at Long-Term Time Scales by HBV Hydrological Model
P.-S. Yu, C.-C. Kuo, T.-C. Yang, and Y.-C. Li (Taiwan)

Forward and Inverse Transport of Particulate Matter and Gaseous Pollutants Affecting the Region Bordering the English Channel
S. Plainiotis, K.A. Pericleous, B.E.A. Fisher, and L. Shier (UK)

GIS Modeling and Simulation of Sea Level Rise Scenarios
M.M. Snow and R.K. Snow (USA)

Economics, Management, and Operations Research
Policy Simulation of Dynamic Fiscal Model in China based on Fiscal Going Out Strategy and Fiscal TBT
S. Zeng (PRC)

Hypothesis of Macro-Kinetic Energy and TBT on Outward Investment and Its Test in China
S. Zeng (PRC)

Estimation of the Czech Macroeconomic Model by Bootstrap Filter
J. Trinkewitz, J. ?techa, V. Havlena, O. Va??ček, and H. Pytelov? (Czech Republic)

Converting Undirected Graphs to Feasible Digraphs of One-Way Roads
S.C. Lew and K.C. Tan (Singapore)

Simulation and Graph Model in the One-Way Road Network Problem
K.C. Tan and S.C. Lew (Singapore)

Evaluation of Inspection Strategies in Assembly Process ? A Modelling and Simulation Approach
H.-A. Crostack and J. Liangsiri (Germany)

Simulation and Forecasting Complex Economic Time Series using Neural Network Models and Fuzzy Logic
P. Melin, O. Castillo, A. Mancilla, and M. Lopez (Mexico)

Monetary Transmission Mechanism in the Deflationary Economy of Japan
Y. Morita, S. Miyagawa (Japan), and J. Rahman (Bangladesh)

A Life-Cycle Cost Analysis System for Transportation Asset Management Systems
A. Ferreira (Portugal)

Optimization of Mechanical Systems Reliability using Ant Colony based Simulation Approach
J.-H. Zhao (PRC), T.-M. Dao, and Z. Liu (Canada)

Business Process and Information Technology Simulation for the Small and Medium Enterprise: A Case Study
A. Avendano (Mexico)

Application of AHP for Prioritizing Research Areas to Global Climate Change in Thailand
J. Santisirisomboon, J. Milindalekha S, K. Boonprakob, and W. Pongsri (Thailand)

Weapons of Mass Deception (WMD): Fibs, Lies & Ambiguities
V. Selman, R.C. Selman, J. Selman, and E. Selman (USA)

Identification, Modelling, and Simulation I
A Neural Network-based Approach for Detection of Structural Damage
C.-Y. Kao and S.-L. Hung (Taiwan)

Simulating the Spread of Chemical Warfare Agents
A. Al-Haddad (Kuwait)

Observation of Compaction Disturbances in Digester ? Empirical and Experimental Approaches
H.-M. Puolakka, M. Tervaskanto, and T. Ahvenlampi (Finland)

Optimistic Distributed Simulation of Hybrid System Models
R. Dreier, G. Wendt, and K.D. M?ller-Glaser (Germany)

An Object Oriented Approach for Modeling Knowledge Networks
F. Bodendorf and S. Uelpenich (Germany)

NEESport: Grid Portal for Earthquake Engineering Community
T. Haupt, A. Kalyanasundaram, N. Ammari, and K. Chandra (USA)

Simulation of Operational Disturbance in a Hot Strip Mill using a Thermomicrostructural Model
M.L.P. Machado, J.D. Filho, and J. Fagundes, Jr. (Brazil)

Component-based Modeling of Multi-Physics Systems
A. Smirnov, A. Burt, H. Zhang, and I. Celik (USA)

Lateral Motion Control of Electrostatic Comb Drive: New Methods in Modeling and Sensing
B. Borovic (USA), A.Q. Liu (Singapore), D. Popa (USA), Z. Xuming (Singapore), and F.L. Lew

Modeling a Hybrid Lean Production System for a Cold Rolling Plant
K. Montenegro, J. de la Cruz, and C. Paternina (Columbia)

The Identification of Pressure-Independent Variable Air Terminal with Hydronic Reheat
Z. Zhao and W. Liu (PRC)
Dynamic Model of an Electromechanical Piano Key by Means of FEM Techniques
C. Boccaletti, G. Duni, S. Elia, and E. Santini (Italy)

Development of a Virtual Test Bed for Space Operations using HLA, XML, and Software Agents
J. Sepulveda, L. Rabelo, J. Park, and M. Marin (USA)

Range Safety Modeling in the Virtual Test Bed
L. Rabelo, J. Sepulveda, and J. Park (USA)

Sensitivity Analysis of Hardware-In-The-Loop (HWIL) Simulation Systems
J. Pate, K.R. Edlin, K. Parker, and K.I. Kawano (USA)

A Simplified Low-Reynolds-Number One-Equation Model of Turbulence
X. Wu and Y. Nagano (Japan)

Neural Nets Modelling for Automotive Welding Process
R.A. Ram?rez Mendoza, R. Morales-Men?ndez, and F.J. Cant?-Ortiz (Mexico)

Effect of Transient Heat Load on Flow Distribution
G.D. Ngoma and F. Erchiqui (Canada)

Evolution Models and Partial Tracking of Music Signals
H. Satar-Boroujeni and B. Shafai (USA)

Modelling and Simulation Methodologies
Node Distribution for Numerical Methods with Monte Carlo Simulation
H. Zhang and A.V. Smirnov (USA)

Quasi-Static Modelling of Closed Thin-Hyperelastic Structure Filled with GAS
F. Erchiqui, A. Bendada, F. Godard, and A. Gakwaya (Canada)

Efficient Collision Detection Optimized for Long Timesteps
M.C. Lewis (USA)

An Efficient Mathematical Estimation of the BDD's Complexity
A. Assi (Lebanon), M. Raseen, P.W.C. Prasad, and A. Harb (UAE)

Generation of 3D Face Model using Free-Form Deformation
H. Yahara, Y. Fukui, S. Nishihara, M. Mochimaru, and M. Kouchi (Japan)

Lotos Simulator for Constraint Satisfaction Problems
M. Mouhoub, S. Sadaoui, and B. Chen (Canada)

A Geometrical Approach to 3D FEM Discretization of the Poisson Equation
A. Smirnov and H. Zhang (USA)

Energy and Power Systems
Modelling and Fuzzy Logic Control of DC-DC Converter for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell
M.S. Alam and M. Tanrioven (USA)

Dynamic Model of Self Excited Induction Generator
R. Wamkeue (Canada), L. Songia, M. Lakehal (Switzerland), and G.D. Ngoma (Canada)

Nuclear Power Plant Simulation and Safety Analysis with Atlas
T. Voggenberger, D. Beraha, and F. Cester (Germany)

Evaluation of a MLD Predictive Control in a Nonlinear Model of a Power Station
G.A. Munoz-Hernandez, D.I. Jones, and S.P. Mansoor (UK)

Unscented Kalman Filter for State of Charge Estimation of Lead-Acid Batteries
B. Kortschak, B. Schweighofer, and B. Brandst?tter (Austria)

Engine Performance at Different Air/Fuel Mixture Temperatures
B. Jawad, K. Adams, J. Leino, C. Riedel, and A. Bazzari (USA)

The Thermo-Technical Phenomena in the Intersection of an Outer Wall and an In-Between Floor
I. Moga, C. Munteanu, and L. Moga (Romania)

Fire Modelling and Cooling of Storage Tanks in Case of Radiation from Large Pool Fires
F. Devia and M. Fossa (Italy)

Prediction of Dynamic Behaviour of a Single-Phase Rectangular Natural Circulation Loop
A.G. Bruzzone, F. Devia, M. Misale, and S. Viazzo (Italy)

Simulation Study of Static Security Assessment of Meshed Distribution Power Network
R. Lis (Poland)

Islanding Operation in a Distribution Power System
C. Bommareddy and E. Makram (USA)

Modelling of Frost Growth in Simple Geometries and Passages
M. Fossa and G. Tanda (Italy)


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