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Medieval Costume, Armour & Weapons" is a book devoted to illustrations. About 400 of them, each of which is intricately detailed and extremely realistic.

Figures dressed in non-combative medieval costume form a small part of the book. Most of it is geared to showing melee weaponry, ranged weaponry, carts, siege machinery, tents, equine armour, cannons, tribuchae, balistae and much, much more in more than enough detail to recreate, and at angles that allow you to see how they work.

Unless you've made a formal, and in-depth study of medieval technology yourself, you'll be amazed at the range and depth of ingenuity present in the machinery, and implements of war present in medieval times.

What makes this book even better is that Dover are willing to let you use a selection of images from this book, unaltered, in any commercial enterprise of your own. Contact them for further details.


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