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Affiliation is a serious business, for both sites involved.

We offer an affiliation program for sites that desire to be partners, in deed and purpose. By sharing our audiences both can benefit, provided both have value added content for that audience.

Why Affiliate?

In an ideal world, each site would contain all the content its visitors could ever ask for, all ideally suited to their needs, and both visitor and site administration alike, would profit financially and intellectually from the symbiosis of the two.

Its not an ideal world, and it is not possible for any one site, any one team, to offer everything a given visitor could ask for. Not without subverting the site to support overheads of a cripplingly large team, or outright intellectual property theft to cope.

We advocate neither. Instead, we prefer to work with other like minded individuals, teaming up with other sites, to each deliver content that fits a specialist area, to the best of our abilities.

It is essentially a mutual linking scheme, that benefits both sites and audiences equally.

Mutual Linking
We often get emails from other firms and organisations, asking for a link sharing scheme to special link pages deep within the sites, that rarely, if ever get any visitors.

How that helps either site, we are not entirely sure.

We do NOT do this.

What we are prepared to do, is have a look at your site; an honest, in-depth examination and identify as many individual pages / articles that would likely be of interest to our patronage as we can. We then have a look at our own site with yours in mind, and identify an equal number of pages / articles that will be of interest to your members.

If we cannot do this to the benefit of both sites' audience, then we will state such, in plain and simple English. On the other hand, if we can do this, then both sites link to one another equally, by incorporating results from the other, within the natural page structure.

In other words, you link to articles we hold, directly. We link to articles you hold, directly. Clients of both sites are then presented with links to the other, that match what they are already interested in.

In our case, we would return your page results as ranked external links in any subject search, as well as placing each as a separate link within our main resource database. In other words, we give your pages equal weight to our own resources.

In this manner, mutual linking allows us to share interested customer bases, which in the long run aids us both, as customers from both sites are much more likely to purchase the other site's relevant services.

Please contact us for more information.

Affiliate Logos

With a growing membership, increasingly appreciative industry contacts, and dedicated staff, we are confident that we stand at the forefront of VR development. That said, we always welcome the ability to distribute knowledge across a wider audience.

One easy method of doing this is an affiliate logo; placed on the affiliate banner of your site, it identifies a link with us immediately, whilst taking up minimal space on the page.

Let us know of your placement, and we will take a look see at your site. If our goals clearly converge, we would be happy to do likewise.

Here, the affiliates bar is visible on every web-view page of the site to maximise exposure to our affiliates. We would hope to receive similar exposure from you.

Simply copy and paste this code into your site to add our logo!

<a href="http://www.virtualworldlets.net/Affiliation.php">
<img src="http://www.virtualworldlets.net/Affiliate.jpg"
width="90" height="30" border="0"></a>

It is that simple, just don't forget to tell us, so we can look at you too!