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 Braille e-book Reader Project Cancelled

This story is from the category Augmenting Organics
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Date posted: 13/05/2014

A budget-priced Braille e-reader seems like an obvious, uncontroversial idea that should be relatively easy to pull off.

That's certainly how it appeared to Pera Technology - a Leicestershire-based firm that coordinated a consortium of European firms to create a working prototype, called Anagraphs, last year.

It uses software-controlled heat to expand paraffin waxes in its screen, turning the material from liquid to solid and in turn controlling which of its 6,000 Braille dots are raised.

Yet the project has effectively been mothballed and the prototype left to gather dust despite one test user describing the machine as "the Holy Grail for the visually impaired and blind Braille users".

The problem is that a 1.2m grant from the European Union has run out. Unless the engineers source more cash, their efforts may have been in vain.

"Let's just hope we can get over the finishing line by securing the final stage of funding we need to bring the project to fruition," says project manager Peter Fowell.

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