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Acquisition Time

Acquisition Time is a GPS term referring to the amount of time it takes to lock onto at least three sources of positional data in order for triangulation of your position in 2D.

It also refers to the amount of time in a networked GPS system (such as WAAS, MSAS, or EONOS) for the signal to be requested from three or more satellite, stratellite or ground based stations, those to co-ordinate with a master station and transmit back precise 3D co-ordinates.

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Acquisition Time

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The VRT Concept
One of the problems with global, persistent, shared virtual environments, is time. More specifically, time zones. To demonstrate this problem, go to any non-roleplay virtual environment or even a simple chatroom with a fair number of participants, and ask people what the time is:

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At the time of publication, it was the best book on the subject of networking real-time, multiple user, persistent environments. Although it is still on the market today, the problem is, it is almost hopelessly dated, still insisting on a hierarchical architecture, which was perfect at the time, but just cannot cope with large worlds today.

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Real-Time Feedback System for Skiers Opens Possibilities
The vLink Computer System approach to skiing is rather novel. It's a data collection sensor set that clips to the front of a pair of skis, and in real-time, monitor in real-time forward speed and lateral displacement data of the skis as the skier proceeds down a mountain.

Virtual girl is firmly placed for all time, in the category of camp, cheesy, low budget trash, attempting to pass itself off as VR. It?s a film with a schizophrenic direction. Half the time it is trying oh so hard, so desperately hard to be a sci-fi film about VR technology gone wrong. The other half of the time, it is trying to be soft core pornography. Thus, it fails miserably at both.

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Instantaneous Visual Virtual Face
One of the major issues with any virtual form, is facial expression. Traditionally, getting a virtual face to match your physical intent for expression in real-time, was a lost cause. Even for big budget film making, CG overlays had to be constructed frame by frame by hand. Enormously time consuming, ludicrously expensive and completely useless for real-time usage.

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Fitting Prosthetics Snugly over Time
Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films IST in Braunschweig, Germany have developed a sensor system that fits into a prosthesis to analyse gait over time.

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Star Trek: The Original Series, & VR ~ The Return of the Archons
Networked neuroprosthetics used to control and subjugate a host population. Not the most original of storylines, but the first time such appeared on TV. At this time, it was original, and done well indeed.

The Last Mimzy is a story of a future (to us) society?s attempt to utilise time travel to find a solution, to a catastrophic ecological disaster that has destroyed their world. To do this, they employ time travel, and AI.


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Just days after announcing the acquisition of MMO developer Mythic Entertainment, an official Electronic Arts website has indicated that the newly acquired studio will be helping current EA staffers with the Ultima Online series....

Amazon has acquired Touchco, a New York start-up that was developing flexible, transparent, force-sensitive multitouch panels.

The acquisition indicates what Amazon might try to do next in response to Apple’s iPad announcemen...

(solicitation request) The U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity (USAMRAA) is seeking a custom made articulated robot-like arm to support mounted virtual reality goggles.

Must be able to interface and work in combi...

For the third time, this conference emerges to attract researchers and application developers from all fields of machine learning, expert systems and AI.

Areas such as statistical, probabilistic, fuzzy, evolutionary, inducti...

Historically, perceptual and response rates when multitasking have been interpreted as being limited by independent bottlenecks. While a more recent view suggests that a common bottleneck might be the cause, experimental evidence for its ex...