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An electrical or hyydrolic device designed to provide force-feedback to a user to represent force, or pressure applied within the virtual.

See also: Haptic

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In The Avengers, Tony Stark manipulates objects in thin air. MIT Media Lab researchers Jinha Lee and Rehmi Post have actually created a similar tactile user interface for manipulating real floating objects in 3D space, called the ZeroN. <...

Forget putting your phone on vibrate. A novel "high-definition" touch-feedback display can give a touch screen the feel of a textured surface. The technology was developed for mobile devices by the San Jose CA-based company Immersion, and...

Researchers from Sungkyunkwan University in Korea and the University of Nevada have developed a flexible tactile display that can wrap around the fingertip, palm, or arm.

The key material in the display is an electroactive po...

Modern glass fa?ades inform the architecture of major cities throughout the world. In recent years, however, there have been cases of broken glass, with collapsing facades endangering passers-by. Now, a special sensor can detect micro-fissu...

Lung biopsies can be difficult procedures to perform while maintaining precision on a moving organ is of utmost importance. To increase the accuracy of radiologists placing the biopsy needle exactly where needed, a collaboration between res...