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Acuity is the ability to resolve detail in a reality. The greater the acuity, the closer you can peer before irregularities start to become obvious.

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"Ten years ago, researchers wouldn't have thought this could happen," said Alvaro Fernandez, CEO and co-founder of Sharp Brains, a San Francisco market research firm that specializes in cognitive science. "Now we're seeing that brain g...

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The results provide a timely boost for bona fide stem-cell researchers following a recent patient death due to an untested stem-cell tre...

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A new brain scanner in laboratory development promises far greater acuity when scanning the brain of any commercial unit currently available. . By using multiple sensors placed close to the head, the device can generate accurate images in l...

Researchers are more optimistic than ever about the potential of the aging brain, because recent evidence has challenged long-held beliefs by demonstrating that the brain can grow new nerve cells.

?For a long time, we held th...