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Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode is derogatory slang for an interface which is text-based, and where you have to type repeated, syntax-pedantic commands, in order to move forwards. It is called adventure mode after the game adventure in the 60s, which required the exact words it was looking for, in the right order, in order to understand the action you intended.

Indicative of a very broken interface method.

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Adventure Mode


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World Review: Adventure Quest
World Review: Adventure Quest welcome screen
Adventure Quest is a Hack and Slash, graphical style MUD. The premise is extremely simple. You are a resident of the town of Battleon, and an evil army of untold proportions is marching upon your town. You take up arms to defend it. Yes, the plot is Clich?, but that is deliberate. In fact, everything about Adventure Quest is deliberately clich?. The entire world is dedicated to quick, but satisfying fun.
Rating 75.5

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Games Innovation Database - Procedual Content Generation
The Games Innovation Database is a repository of all original innovations in computer gaming. This article looks at Rogue, the first adventure game to ever use procedurally generated content, to create its levels, and why this worked so well.


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