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Alpha-Beta Search

Alpha-beta is very similar to min-max. Min-Max is a form of tree traversal for AI decision making. Min-max works by examining the entire tree of possible actions, and picking the path that yields the best returns according to a numeric formula.

This is very easy to imagine, but very inefficient. Every time an extra component is added, the size of the tree doubles, as each existing component must be compared with the new component. Alpha-Beta improves upon this.

Alpha-Beta keeps track of the worst possible outcome for the first tree branch it encounters. As soon as it hits a value worse than this on any other tree branch, it stops checking, does not take the branch any further. If it finds a branch whose worst value is better than the worst value of the first branch, it discards the first branch. In this way, alpha-beta, seeks to discard any outcomes that would result in a worse situation than one it has already discovered.

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