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Ambient Occlusion Map

An Ambient Occlusion Map is a form of texturemap. It is a modification map, usually intended to work with ambient lighting hence the name. Applied over an area of the world from a single room to a corridor, to a large outdoor area, it a a grey scale map to tell the system how much of the ambient lighting to let through.

Typically a white pixel on the ambient occlusion map means 'do not modify the ambient', whereas a black pixel means 'allow no light here', and the various shades of grey in-between correlate to various percentages of the standard ambient lighting to let show.

They are essentially a computationally cheap way of varying the lighting within a scene apply the same lighting everywhere, then use the map as a filter to decide how much of that light actually gets seen.

Ambient Occlusion Maps are often dynamic, changing according to simple algorithms. For example, a simple vector transformation added to a map, causes the pixels to flow to one side, mimicking perhaps, the actions of a repeating cloud texture layer in the skybox above, so the light dims whenever a cloud passes overhead in response to the thickness of that cloud.

Ambient Occlusion Maps are not limited to lighting either. These grey scale maps are often repurposed several times in the same virtual environment. For example they make wonderful dirt maps, applied to a single surface, with the grey scale used to denote how grimy that portion of the surface is. The differences in scale mean a user is highly unlikely to draw any association between the pattern of dirt on a wheel rim, and the pattern of light from clouds moving across the sky.

Ambient Occlusion Maps are generally not used for light mapping in environments where raytracing or raycasting is used to calculate the intensity of light reaching any given point. There is no need for them, as these techniques provide far more accurate lighting at a cost of far higher computation cycles. However, even in these environments, Ambient Occlusion Maps may still be used for dirt maps and the like.

See Also: Texturemap, Light Map, Dirt Map, Multiple Textures, Photo Realism, Baking

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