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Anisotropic Shading

Anisotropic Shading is a method of shading 2D objects where the highlights and reflections are stretched perpendicular to the grain of the material (as indicated by the bump maps, or other texture maps attached to that object). This results in a more realistic effect, with the grains of the material scattering the light just as a physical object would. But, of course it is paid for in terms of calculations required to render.

Anisotropic shading does not show up in every object, but when there is a pronounced grain, in objects such as avatar hair, fur, or even wood grain, its effects make a dramatic difference compared to flat shading methods.

See Also: Isotropic Shading, Per-Pixel Shading, Surface Rendering, Forward Raytracing, Multiple Textures, Highlight Pass, Reflection Pass, Eye Guiding

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