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Ant Colony Optimisation Algorithms

The myriad of competing algorithms that fall under the umbrella of ant colony optimisation algorithm, are essentially swarm intelligence methods intended to guide a large number of independent entities as one cohesive mass.

These algorithms have found uses in VR, in everything from A-life swarms and flocks, to particle swarms used for virtual organ or body part manipulation, right through to troop movement in battlespace systems.

See Also: Swarm Intelligence, Utility Fog

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Assuming you have a grasp on mathematics, particularly the laws of probability, and are ready to begin tackling algorithms for practically any task, this book is for you. It can be considered as the definitive text on algorithms and the mathematical rigor needed to approach them.

ReWalk iss an exoskeletal framework, based in part on recent robot gait algorithms. Its primary purpose is to allow wheelchair users to walk again - even if their own legs no-longer work.

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Algorithms for an Infinite Universe
Based more for games on a single machine, this excellent little article discusses generation of a world on the fly, using minimal resources. Parts of this article are suitable for exploitation in virtual worlds.

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CLASS, or 'Cognitive-Level Annotation using latent Statistical Structure', was a three year research project to improve machine vision algorithms and allow recognition of partially deformed or occluded objects.

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Artificial Personalities with Artificial Genomes
Rity is a small, cute, blue digital dog. Genderless, Rity is also the first of what is hoped will be a new breed of AI, an AI with emotions and with an emotional personality genome in a novel take on evolutionary algorithms.

For The Birds, is a Pixar CG short film, produced in mid 2000. As is normal for Pixar CGs, it utilised the very best technology available at the time, in terms of algorithms and model details. By examining it, and other such CG productions, an appreciation for the pace of change in passives can be constructed.

One of those rarest of rare books: An animation tome that is not tied down to a specific package. Instead, expect a hefty dose of mathematics, as the author leads you through a variety of animation techniques, both 2D and 3D, from a formulae and expression based perspective.

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Procedural Content Generation
Procedural Content Generation - using semi-random parsing algorithms to add oodles of cojntent dynamically. Supposed to makje it really easy to create large interesting worlds - that claim is utter nonsense, but that does not mean PCG be useless, it's actually fairly handy...

The second of the series of books, this one is divided into many sections, covering General Wisdom; Pathfinding and Movement; Group Movement, Tactics, and Planning; AI Animation Control; State Machines; Architecture; FPS, RTS, and Strategy AI; Racing and Sports AI; Scripting; Learning; Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks; Speech Recognition and Dialogue.

Whilst over 30 years old now, this book is one of those whose usefulness is never likely to fade. It is a physics book, dealing with the mathematics and physical constraints of getting any rigid body jointed system to move as desired. Designed initially with robots in mind, long before the avatar, the maths contained within is ideal for grounding on ragdoll physics as used with avatars.


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The familiar early summer call of the cuckoo has inspired composer and poet alike, but the sound belies the bird's true parasitic nature. Now, an international research team has taken the cuckoo's wont to deposit its eggs in the nests of ...

A researcher of the University of Granada, Spain, has designed a new system for the mobility of military troops within a battlefield based on the mechanisms used by ant colonies to move using a commercial videogame.

This work...

(Press Release) At the end of December 2006, VizUp Technology unveiled a new polygon reduction system that enables anyone to reduce the number of polygons in a complex 3D model up to 90% without much effect on its visual quality.

Not every engineering dean wants a live bee colony outside of his office, but such is the case at the Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Researchers in a lab down the hall from the dean'...

Lyon, France - January 17th 2006 - PathEngine, supplier of the advanced pathfinding and agent movement SDK, announces release 5.0 of the PathEngine SDK.

An iterative development process has seen a host of features added to th...