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Something which has attributes that resemble the form of the human body. Many avatars are anthropomorphic in that they are intended to replicate the appearance of the human form.

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It looks sort of like a Segway that?s developed anthropomorphic characteristics. It?s really a high-quality videoconferencing system on wheels. It?s called QB, and if startup Anybots is successful, it could be coming soon to the conference ...

December 1-3, 2008
Keio University, Yokohama, Japan

ICAT is the oldest international conference on Virtual Reality and Telexistence. The organizing committee cordially invites you to submit your technical work and expe...

(Press Release) Touch Bionics, developer of the world?s first commercially available bionic hand, today announced its incorporation in the United States as Touch Bionics, Inc. Currently basing U.S. operations out of Boston, MA, this announc...

(Press Release) New research is speeding the development of brain-controlled devices that may soon allow amputees and paraplegics to use their limbs. Within a few short years, these so-called brain-computer interfaces (BCI) may also allow p...