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Anti Bioism

Just as Bioism is a version of racism or intolerance towards those with an inorganic substrate basis (fully or partially prosthetic bodies, robot bodies controlled by AIs or AGIs etc) so anti Bioism is a rejection of the need or desire to discriminate against a person based purely on the substrate their body is made of.

It holds that a biological body or a synthetic body is irrelevant in how an individual is to be treated. They're still a person, a sapient being inhabiting that body, so what does the body itself matter?

Anti bioism is mostly seen at the moment in inclusive support to those who have lost bodyparts and required inorganic replacements. Seeing such individuals as no less human than those who have all their original parts intact.

However, as our ability to integrate smart prosthetics into the body ever more deeply increases, and so do the capabilities of those prosthetics themselves, anti bioism is predicted to include treating those who voluntarily choose to exchange organic parts for synthetic ones, as equals regardless.

Likewise as the capabilities of artificial intelligence and particularly artificial general intelligence continue to grow, anti bioism is also going to be the term for considering such embodied artificial minds as individuals in their own right with varying degrees of sapience irrespective of their not being biological in origin.

See Also: AGI, AI, Embodiment, Smart Prosthetics, Human Machine Interface, Bioism

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