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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or AI is the attempt to create computer programs with at least some display of intelligence. AI is a massive field, and only part of it is relevant to VR.

However, applications of AI that are of great interest include Agents, A-Life, Neural Networks, Pathfinding, and Natural Language.

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Anti Bioism

Artificial Human Companion

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Life

Artificial Neural Network


Automatic Control

Autonomous Device

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Autonomous Vehicle

Autopotent Entities


Character Engine

Cognition Engine

Cognitive AI

Cognitive Artificial Intelligence

Cognitive robot

Collective Artificial Intelligence

Computational Linguistics

Computer-Generated Forces

Context Aware Computing

Context Aware Service

Continuous Artificial Intelligence



Deep Learning Software

Discrete Artificial Intelligence

Distributed Intelligence System

Dynamic Response



Evolutionary Algorithm

Expert System

Expert-level Decision System


Foglet Swarm

Friendly AI

Hofstadter-Turing Test

Homo Cyber Sapiens

Human-Equivalent AI

Hybrid intelligent system

Intelligent Speech Understanding

Intelligent Speed Adaption

Intelligent Tutoring System

Interactive Dynamic Response

Interactive Voice Response





Language Acquisition

Learning By Imitation

Machine Learning

Machine Vision


Natural Language Answering

Natural Language Query

Neural Coding


Object Recognition

Posture Recognition


Semi-Automated Forces



Smart Device

Strong AI

Synthetic intelligence

The Chinese Room Paradox

Theory of Mind



Turing Test


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Utility Fog

Virtual Embodiment

Virtual PA

Virtual People

Virtual Personal Assistant

Weak AI


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New approaches to artificial intelligence spring from the idea that intelligence emerges as much from cells, bodies, and societies as it does from evolution, development, and learning. Traditionally, artificial intelligence has been concerned with reproducing the abilities of human brains; newer approaches take inspiration from a wider range of biological structures that that are capable of autonomous self-organisation.

Franklin's tour of contemporary thought on human, animal, and artificial minds introduces creative theories, models, and prototypes of artificial intelligence. After citing the scoffers' arguments regarding the improbability of fashioning artificial minds, Franklin examines some systems that do, in fact, exhibit aspects of intelligence.

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An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
A short article, introducing the concept of Artificial Intelligence. Concise, but thorough.

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Why use Artificial Intelligence?
An older article, pertaining to the use of bots as NPC characters, with their own artificial intelligence programming.

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Some Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence
A look on Artificial Intelligence routines for NPCs from a non-technical source. Lookin at the goals you desire, and the types of behaviour worth considering, without going into the detail of how. A novel viewpoint that does make you think.

Artificial General Intelligence or AGI is the holy grail of AI research. Instead of expert systems, and image recognition, it refers to common-sense know-how ? general intelligence most humans have when in unfamiliar situations. In other words, the ability of an AI to think and reason as a sentient being, even when confronted by unfamiliar data.

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Large Image Display: AI: Artificial Intelligence: Does Not Eat
This scene from AI: Artificial intelligence shows an oft-ignored aspect of the uncanny valley; it shows the flip-side of it, and the effects on the robot, being just shy of able to interact normally with humans.

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Large Image Display: AI: Artificial Intelligence: Facial Access Panel
This robot girl - gynoid - is used as a demonstration model by the film "AI: Artificial Intelligence", to show several aspects of their take on robot behaviour and construction. In this still, the gynoid's face is sliding apart for maintenance. This is not particularly realistic, for several reasons.

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The Open Cognition Project
The open cognition project is an attempt to provide researchers and software engineers from all fields, a holistic base to build a common platform for artificial intelligence programs. The goal of OpenCog is to help bootstrap development of artificial general intelligence.

In the 50 years since the inception of Artificial Intelligence, computer scientists have made remarkable achievements that can be seen in computer games, childrens toys, your home PC and nearly every facet of human life. In this popular approach to understanding AI, David Levy captures the essence, excitement and potential of Artificial Intelligence.


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Researchers at NRL's Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence, within the laboratory's Information Technology Division (ITD), received two top awards at the 21st International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence...

July 11 - 17, 2009
Pasadena, California, US

Sponsored by The International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) and The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)


March 1 - 3, 2008
Memphis, Tennessee

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) research focuses on the original and ultimate goal of AI -- to create intelligence as a whole, by exploring all available paths, including theo...

MIT Media Lab professor emeritus Marvin Minsky, 86, a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence, has won the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award in the information and communications technologies category.

The ...

March 1st 2008 - March 3rd 2008
FedEx Institute of Technology, University of Memphis, Memphis, USA

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) research focuses on the original and ultimate goal of AI -- to create intellige...