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Augmented Virtuality

Augmented virtuality is the diametric opposite of augmented reality. It is essentially the overlaying of physical objects within a virtual reality environment. Examples include videoconferencing, physical bodies captured by webcams, and others of that ilk.

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Augmented Virtuality


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ACME - Augmented Virtuality or Virtual Augmented Reality?
The ACME project, perhaps unfortunately named similar to the cartoon company that produces zany inventions, is actually a collaboration between the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, IBM Research and Nokia Research. It is a serious attempt at bringing disparate technologies together to form something we have all desired for a long while - an interoperable environment in which physical and virtual mix (almost) seamlessly.

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Education pushes further into virtuality - Virtual Medical School Planned
A short news snippet from August, 2003, concerning a planned medical school in cyberspace.

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Sensor Web: A look at an Internet in Physical Space: AR Orientation
The Sensor web, is a long-anticipated faced of an augmented world. It is, in theory at least, a huge web of interconnected sensors, actuators, RFID, GPS, specialised routing controls, and augmented sensory hardware, all wired together into an immense web in physical space, facilitating Augmented Reality applications.

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Augmented Reality enables computer-enhanced work
An introductory level article on Augmented reality, not as in predicted futures, but as in some 2006 technologies in existance, and their impact on the world.

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Augmented Reality Goal System
FIFA, the international body overseeing the game of football, finally relents and agrees to two separate augmented reality technologies being used on the pitch to augment (or overrule) the referees decisions.

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eStadium: Using Smartphones for the first Augmented Stadiums
On the 7th November 2009, the eStadium application for iphones went live for the first time. It is a novel concept, designed to turn sporting events into augmented reality centres with a minimum of infrastructure in place.

This collection of academic works is over a decade old now. As such, its exploration of ?current? augmented reality applications, and means to attempt to integrate virtual and physical data, is often hopelessly dated.

Taking a look at some of the truly revolutionary developments in Augmented Reality systems occurring in 2007.


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Tuesday, May 23, 2006
? Image-based modeling and rendering
? High dynamic range imaging and image-based lighting
? Digitizing photoreal objects and environments
? Creating photoreal digital act...

Developers are finding genuine and fascinating uses for augmented reality applications on devices such as the iPhone 3GS and Android handsets, but it's still something of a novelty as much as a vital feature.

But a new repor...

Augmented Reality is slowly becoming more prevalent within the industry. First Sony unveiled Invizimals for their PSP systems, which allows users to search for little monsters, collect them and then put them into battle.


An international virtual medical school, planned by a large group of universities around the world will allow medical students to train for up to two years without going near a physical body - or having to relocate near to a top university....

Microsoft Research has demonstrated their approach to developing visual augmented reality - superimposing computer-generated information on top of a video feed in real time....