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Auto Action

An auto action is related to a trigger. Triggers being a type of macro that execute automatically upon receiving certain input. The auto action is the result of the trigger. They tend to be used extensive in role-play or gaming virtual environments, by people who do not desire for whatever reason, to pay full attention to their actions.

As such, they tend to be frowned on somewhat by many users, but are in use by others all the same.

See Also: Trigger, Macro

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Auto Action


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Large Image Display: Animatrix: Final Flight of the Osiris: Gap between Live Action and CG, Vanishing
A vivid reminder, in the comparison between the CG in Final Flight of the Osiris, and CG shots in the film Matrix Reloaded, of just how close we are coming to achieving the capability for all live action films to be entirely CG based, instead.

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Nanotech coating could lead to better brain implants
Following an interesting attempt at using nanotech material to 'hide' a deep brain electrode array from the auto-immune system, and allow it to interface for far, far longer.

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The legalities of Snooping
This short article covers a sensible use of the snoop tool, to allow for virtual immunity to legal action taken as a result of player-content.

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Action computer games can sharpen eyesight
Empirical research from the University of Rochester in the US has found that playing in fast passed, lightning reaction virtual environments can be very good for your eyes.

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User-created content ownership
This short article covers a sensible use of the snoop tool, to allow for virtual immunity to legal action taken as a result of player-content.

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Nation of Fools
A hypothetical situation of a 'nation' of people hooked into VR, and have been that way their whole lives. Every action they do, is done from the virtual, and for them, this article argues, nothing IS virtual.

Total Recall is the film that launched Arnold Schwarzenegger?s career as an action star. It is also one of his best films ever, with a detailed plotline and a lavish attention to detail on AR and VR concepts ? all of which are physically possible, and being actively pursued today.

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Why Plan?
Most NPC behaviour takes place as a set of preprogrammed directives - the expert system approach. What if, instead of doing it this highly efficient, if a bit limited way, and took a new approach - giving the characters a highly flexible "plan of action" that could change at any moment...

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The Luke Arm at All Things Digital 2008
Luke Arm is named after Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, and more specifically, after the prosthetic hand the character is fitted with, that so perfectly mimics biological functionality. Within this article are three videos, showcasting the prosthetic in action, and a talk by its creator, Dean Kamen.

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The proliferation of the little black box
A BBC article discussing the increasing trend of black boxes, which work similarly to aircraft black boxes in cars, to drive insurance costs down. These record every action the driver takes, for later automated analysis by the insurer. Insurance prices go up or down depending on how safe the driver's driving actually is.


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YouTube, in a significant development for millions of deaf Internet users, extended automatic caption capability Thursday to all English-language videos on the video-sharing website.

YouTube users have been able to manually a...

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Hands up who remembers the ?Back to the Future? films? In the second of the films, the one looking at the future, amongst the many wondrous inventions was a jacket that would auto-adjust to it?s wearer?s size. Quite literally a ?one-size-fi...

A man fired from a Texas auto dealership used an Internet service to remotely disable ignitions and set off car horns of more than 100 vehicles sold at his old workplace, police said Wednesday.

Austin police arrested Omar Ram...