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Baby Duck Syndrome

Baby duck syndrome is named after the simile of users of a computer system to ducklings. They imprint themselves on the first system they learn, then have trouble moving to another system that is radically different to that first one, all the time judging it against the one they know.

In VR, this often means that users have a hard time accepting a more powerful interface as better, when its interaction method is too different to one they have become familiar with.

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Baby Duck Syndrome


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SimBaby Being Used to Train Medics
Baby Gertrude lays in her cot, in St Mary's Hospital, within London in the UK. She moves about a little, her chest rising and falling with her breath, and starts to cry, then coughs. She behaves just like any other nine month old baby, save she's not like any other nine month old baby. She is an embodied AI.

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The vegetable lamb, a strange and wonderous creature that grows out of the ground, is tied to its rootbase all its life, yet otherwise looks, feels, and plays like a baby sheep.

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AI Cars, Driving Like Hooligans
Stanford's Junior AI, on handbrake skid parking, without a human influence on the system, in dynamic environments, with only a two foot variance in position at 25mph. Or, the first baby steps towards dynamic switching between open and closed loop systems.

CB2, which stands for Child-robot with Biomimetic Body, is a new android-based attempt at developing an artificial intelligence with social skills. The robot is essentially a bald, white baby, and it learns in much the same way - by watching expressions change on its 'mother's' face, and teaching its own neural net to cluster them together.

World Review: ToonTown
World Review: ToonTown welcome screen
The first MMO created with young children in mind, ToonTown is full of bright, cheerful, oversized graphics, and, perhaps unsurprisingly for an MMO created by Disney Studios, has a Disney cartoon feel throughout. All the menus are ?big and squishy?, almost like baby toys in their design and blockiness. Designed to be 'child safe' and make it impossible for iffy people to gain access to young kids, this world certainly lives up to its promises.
Rating 69.5
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