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Backlight is an illumination which appears behind the display medium, causing the display to become brighter than normal.

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Electronic paper that reflects light, instead of filtering it from a backlight, as most conventional displays do, is easy on the eyes and saves on battery life. But this reliance on ambient light becomes a handicap when trying to make a bri...

Nanosys Inc. and the Optical Systems Division of 3M Company are joining technologies to provide wide-color-gamut technology for consumer electronic displays, allowing liquid crystal displays (LCDs) to display 50 percent more color.

Liquid-crystal displays, or LCDs, found in televisions, computers, and cell phones, are very inefficient: their complex optical layers discard over 90 percent of the light they produce internally, some of it because it's not quite the righ...

We've all worried about the charge on our smartphone or laptop running down when we have no access to an electrical outlet. But new technology developed by researchers at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science cou...

One of the hot topics at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week in Las Vegas is colour e-readers, with several companies showcasing new products. While E Ink has been a leader in e-reader display technology, the company has yet to pr...