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Barf Zone

Slang term for simulation sickness, the barf zone occurs where the difference between the inner ear's idea of movement, and the virtual reality device's report that you have stopped moving is off just enough to make you feel nauseous, and throw up.

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Barf Zone


Simulation Sickness

Simulator Sickness


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Large Image Display: Animatrix: Beyond: A No-Physics Zone
The Matrix distorts when a freak corruption of data creates a no-physics zone in a thin layer paralleling the floor. An advanced replication of gravity warping accidents that happen in ActiveWorlds and Second Life, today.

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The Twilight Zone: The Lonely
A Twilight Zone episode from the late 1950s, comprising of a mix of substrate chauvinism, the psychology of loneliness, artificial intelligence, avatar psychology, and embodiment in one half hour long, blunt and honest package.

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The Twilight Zone: Sixteen Millimeter Shrine
Sixteen Millimeter Shrine is an odd little episode of the Twilight Zone Very, very powerful in the way it handles the concept of escapism. Creating a new world to live in after the old, outside world becomes intolerable. Preserving the last shreds of sanity as all else falls apart. This episode speaks of the healing power of virtual worlds in all but name.

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Large Image Display: AWGate 5.0: Music Appreciation
ActiveWorlds Gate 5.0 launched on November the 26th 2009, in readiness for the launch of ActiveWorlds 5.0 on December the 1st 2009. Here we see one of the rooms off of the main concourse, where the company nods politely to all the independent radio firms that operate within it's platform. Eight platforms are available. To hear the music, just stand in the column-shaped invisible zone on top of each disk, and the music will start streaming, assuming the radio station lives long enough of course. This location brings home another problem the platform is trying to hide - the steady decline of users.


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