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Behaviometrics are a form of biometric data. Unlike with biometric data in which a single biological output is measured – a finger or palm print for example, or an iris pattern or thought engram – behaviometric data deals with the individual quirks and mannerisms of different people, using these to tell people apart and identify individuals using a system or having gained entry to an area, by the way they move and the mannerisms they project.

A single piece of behaviometric data might be the gait a person is using, or the patterns they habitually move their hands in, or even their usage patterns when first logging on to a computer system. Since multiple users may share similar behaviours, it is only by aggregating several behaviometric types together that an individual pattern emerges.

Unlike most biometric methods, behaviometrics are geared for security and identification only, with no realistic applications in VR interfaces themselves.

See Also: Biometrics, Biometric, Behaviometric

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