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Beta Testing

Beta Testing is the period of time when the software - be it a virtual world, a graphical image editor, driver suite, or any other part of the process - is not quite ready yet. It is almost there, but not quite and there are still a fair few bugs or unknown factors involved.

Beta testing is thus releasing the software to the userbase or a select portion of the userbase to test it out free of charge and with the understanding there will be bugs, and any bugs encountered are to be reported back.

As a side-note, some virtual environment manufacturers are infamous for paid beta testing – releasing the new version as a pay-for product, and thus having their beta testers unwittingly pay to test extremely buggy software. Always avoid the temptation to go down this route, as practically nothing will lose you customers more quickly than the userbase figuring out that this is what you are doing.

See Also: Alpha Testing

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Brain prosthesis passes live tissue test
Industry News

Industry news, originally posted 14-11-2004. The world?s first hippocampus prosthesis has passed the first stages of live testing.

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When a Biochip Lab is not enough: Massively parallel Biochip Labs
Biochip laboratories are a long way from standard equipment in every doctor's office, of course. The technology has left the lab, but only just. Still, there is plenty of room for improvement. After all, what do you do when testing hundreds of samples all at once, is just not enough? Why you increase the throughput!

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Robot Researcher For Glass-Glues
Computerised researchers are becoming an increasing trend it would seem. We've seen an increase in recent years of drug-testing robots and automated researchers. Glass researchers are apparently the latest field to be hit with the automation bug.

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CYCLOPS - Robot Blind Person
CYCLOPS is a novel robot, with a noble purpose. Created by researchers at the California Institute of Technology, it is designed to be used as a surrogate for blind persons in the testing of visual prostheses.

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Production Testing and Bug Tracking
It's standard in the software development timescale, to leave bug-tracking, and problem solving until the Alpha development phase, when balancing is usually handled. This article from the game development professional's point of view, looks at why that is a bad idea, and strategies for handling bugs before they get to that stage.

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Augmented Reality, Designed for Space, Half a Century Behind Everyone Else
The European Space Agency (ESA) have released details of a new augmented reality interface they have been testing and how it actually benefits astronauts when in space. Quite scarily they actually believe they are the first organisation to implement an AR interface, according to their press release.

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A new route to Retinal Displays - Holographic Lenses
Retinal display systems have been under development for many years with few successes. A new, and fundamentally different approach to the problem is now being trialled by researchers at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. Professor Shy Shoham and team are testing the power of holography to artificially stimulate cells in the retina of the eye, with the intent of bionically restoring vision. As a side-effect it would of course create a whole new class of retinal displays.


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(Press Release) Empire of Sports Ltd. is proud to offer exclusive hands-on access to ?Empire of Sports?, the first ever virtual world of sports, to the thousands of gamers and members of the worldwide gaming press who will gather in Leipzig...

OnGameNet was Australia?s first native MMORPG company. They began in 2004 with the release of Ragnarok Online in early September that year. Ragnarok was the first MMO to be hosted within Australia itself, which allowed Australians to engage...

There!, one of several next-generation, immersive virtual worlds that are far from being simple games, has finally ended it's public beta, and gone live for the first time today. There is a beach/tropical paradise, wherin members can ch...

Sprint Corp. may use WiMax metropolitan area technology to provide high-speed wireless broadband services in the coming years.

The operator says it hopes to start beta testing WiMax equipment towards the end of this year.

A company called Vollee has launched a free beta version of Second Life on mobile phones, calling it the first time "residents can explore the entire virtual world from their handsets."

The interface is understandably, vast...