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Bezier Surface

A Bézier surface is essentially a flat plain that has been deformed by one or more Bézier curves along its boundary. The curves are extrapolated across the surface, merging together in the middle, and forming a complex shape mesh. A Bézier surface is often one polygon of a Beziergon.

See Also: Bezier Curve

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Bezier Surface


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Open-Source, Multitouch Surface
At the start of May 2008, Engineers at Eyebeam, an engineering and design firm based in New York, created a scaled-down open-source version of Microsoft Surface, called Cubit.

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Displaying SmartPhones: Mini-Projector Over iWear?
An interactive projection system, building on the virtual keyboard, offers a second type of augmented reality display for the smartphone - Enlarged projection onto any surface.

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Fitting Prosthetics Snugly over Time
Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films IST in Braunschweig, Germany have developed a sensor system that fits into a prosthesis to analyse gait over time.

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Ahl al-trab
A creature from worldwide mythology, included for content within the virtual. The Ahl al-trab come from Islamic folklore. Living in burrow-homes just, literally just, below the surface of the Saharan sands, These humanoid creatures are tiny; practically flightless pixies.

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Nuts and Bolts
Much of the work in launching a new world, is spent on creating the fundamental technologies that lay under the surface: Databases, daemons, graphical APIs, you name it. All of these have been written before, and continue to be written, improved and perfected now. Why write your own, when great ones are available, pre-made, and ready for you to build from?

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Neuroprosthetics Powered by the Brain
Powering a neuroprosthetic is a tricky issue. As most of these devices are implanted either on the surface of the brain, or deep inside its folds, it is not a trivial matter to pop it out and change the battery. But, what if the same sugar that feeds the brain, could also feed the prosthetic?

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Reactive Silver Ink Allows Reliable Printed Electronics
One of the key issues when printing electronic circuits on the fly, is ensuring reliability. You don't wish to be in the situation where you have to go over the new circuitry by hand to look for places the conductive ink has not affixed to the surface properly, not if you are making complex 3D shapes with internal circuitry, and aiming to keep the price as low as possible.

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Large Image Display: Making a Bespoke Jaw
The making of a bespoke prosthetic jaw from a patient's existing medical data is one of those things that seems both easy and obvious on the surface, but one which is frought with implementation issues when you get right down to it. Could it really be as simple as laying down on a CT bed, and letting the computer do the rest?

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Time to heal: The materials that repair themselves
A BBC article exploring the rise of self-healing materials as a subset of augmented reality. Machines with vascular systems just below the surface; shipping new material to heal any cracks or breaks caused by accidental or malicious damage.


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Surface is a 30-inch diagonal screen that that can read thousands of touch inputs at once, allowing multiple people to interact with items at once. It tracks taps using a set of cameras mounted underneath the rear-projection screen. Cameras...

Microsoft announced the upgrade to Surface, called SecondLight, at the company's Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

In this new version of Surface, a secondary image is projected above the main ...

When Ryder Ziola places a bell pepper on the kitchen work surface in front of him, the tabletop springs to life, suggesting recipes and other information. He can also use the work surface like a touch screen, selecting options with a finger...