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Bi-Directional Reflectance Distribution Function

The bi-directional reflectance distribution function is a relatively simple mathematical equation that can be computed to predict exactly how a raycast or raytraced light ray will reflect off a given material in diffuse reflection. Use of the function greatly simplifies the seemingly random nature of light scattering, improving performance, without decreasing realism.

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Bi-Directional Reflectance Distribution Function



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Podcast: Woody Norris: Inventing the next amazing thing: Directional Sound
The talk is primarily focussed on demonstrating his new invention 'hypersonic sound'. It is essentially a way to precisely focus sound, or as the inventor puts it "put sound where you want to." This has obvious implications for 3D sound effects in virtual reality and channeled sound cones in augmented reality.

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The bard has long been considered a major 'class' for Role-Played environments - the songster, the joker, and usually, the class overlooked in actual function and responsibility.

This short resource, reproduced with the permission of OBOD, looks at the true function of the bard, throughout history, and into the future.

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The Tongue Illuminated
Imagery published by Technology Review, that highlights the distribution and emergence of taste receptors on the human tongue.

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Open Source 3D Human Models
Industry News

On the 26th of May 2005, two companies (Zygote Media Group and e frontier) joined forces to give us a new model of open source distribution ? 3D avatars.

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Another Reality Check
This short article takes a realistic look at how the people who sell user-created content within a virtual world may not be the doom-bringers of online world development if they are allowed by lay to continue such distribution, and how they may well be the harbringers of increased enjoyment and profitability. Read it.

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Virtual Child Predation to Stop Physical Predation
At the time of writing this, there has been a massive brouhaha between the German Government and the virtual environment Second Life, over two objectionable issues. One has been the distribution of objectionable material containing children, the other adults dressing up as children for partner pleasure. Could the latter actually be a solution to the former?

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Coding by Example: +where
This companion article to MUSH Code: looks at implementing a listing function of players / administrators, and where they are.

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A True Artificial Cochlea
Constructed by engineers at MIT, a single low power radio receiver chip has been painstakingly modelled on the function and deciphering capabilities of the human ear.


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