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Transmitting the exact same image to each eye in a sterioscopic viewer. Sometimes done to save computing power on low end systems when depth perception is not critical.

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The Argus devices, created by Second Sight Inc, are ocular implants designed to restore vision to those whose eyes no-longer function. For people whose sight loss occured as a result of outer retinal degenerations, such as Retinitis Pigmentosa, they offer a chance to see again, via arrays of electrodes connected to the back of the eye and the optic nerve.


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A study in mice reveals an elegant circuit within the developing visual system that helps dictate how the eyes connect to the brain. The research, funded by the National Institutes of Health, has implications for treating amblyopia, a visio...

The Japanese eyewear company behind Sarah Palin's designer glasses has come up with a high-tech solution for obsessive video-gamers and bookworms whose eyes dry out from lack of blinking.

Masunaga Optical Manufacturing Co. L...

Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LLNL) is touting its role in the development of the 60 electrode artificial retinal prosthesis, now being trialed by Second Sight of Sylmar, CA. The device is manufactured in batches of 12 on specialty devel...

Retinal (or fundus) photography is an essential part of any ophthalmology practice. Commercial fundus cameras can cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, making the technology out of reach for smaller ophthalmic practices and to phys...

Nanotechnology Business have conducted an interview with Robert Freitas, author of Nanomedicine, on, amoungst other topics, the use of nanobots in the body to create a pervasive virtual reality.

The scenario of billions of n...