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Binocular Fusion

Binocular fusion refers to the correct blending of images into both eyes. In VR it occurs when a stereoscopic display device capable of delivering a different image into each eye is used, and both images line up perfectly with the centre of their respective eyes. Thus the images sent into them are processed, as they would be naturally.

If binocular fusion does not occur, one or more of the optics are out of alignment and a stereoscopic distortion will occur, leading to eyestrain and eventually migraine.

See Also: HMD, Stereoscopy, IPD, BOOM, Binocular HMD, Stereoscopic Distortion, Interocular Differences

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The Binocular Omni Orientation Monitor or BOOM was one of the very first immersive VR interfaces, predating even the HMD. Massive and unwieldy, they none the less have some valuable properties which still see them in use today.

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