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A Bio-Hacker is a form of explorer. A person who is willing to edit their own body in order to gain the desired performance out of it. Sometimes this is a case of permanent cosmetic alteration, but usually this is someone who alters the physical functioning of their body the way you would alter a piece of hardware.

Some do it via body hacking and self-quantification; optimising the inputs and outputs of the body via networked electronic and continuous monitoring means, in order to achieve optimal performance. Others go quite a bit further.

A Bio-hacker is the type of person who will consider and even implant an electronic prosthetic designed to improve the performance of a body-part when it is not strictly necessary to do so for heath reasons. Rather it is the concept of upgrading their body to greater capabilities than nature had in mind. Altering it into something that is able to keep up with the life or lifestyle they have in mind.

See Also: Body Hacker, Self-Quantifier, Embodiment

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The book is based round the concept of the network is not the great equaliser, an egalitarian construct that has, since the Internet became a powerful social force, begun to spread out into all works of life, with network-centric organisation. Instead, the authors state that the exploit ? a direct reference to the hacker term ? is a common corporate and subversive means of taking quiet control of the flow and direction of networks.


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