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A bio-port is the interface point between a human or animal operator and augmentation hardware designed to enhance some manner of conscious function. The term is HCI in origin, in that it is typically the focus of the design, to make the bio-port as intuitive as possible.

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AR Development > FLARToolKit
FLARToolKit stands for FLash-based Augmented Reality Toolkit, and is a port of the Java-based port of ARToolkit, NyARToolKit. The toolkit is compatible with Flash version 10, using Action Script 3, where it executes natively. Thus, unlike most AR visual toolkits, it has a limited capability when real-time rendering is maintained.

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20 issues of porting C++ code on the 64-bit platform
A gamedev article, ritten for programmers who use C++ in particular, but applicable to all languages. Discusses problems in the port of code from 32bit, to 64 bit architectures.

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Large Image Display: AWGate 5.0: Inside the Main Dome
It can be seen quite clearly here, how the world haas been designed essentially, like an exotic travel port. On the outside it is all awe and mystery; tranquil beauty urging yet preventing exploration. Yet, when you get inside, everything is business-like, clean lines and simple elegance.

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AR Development > NyARToolKit
NyARToolKit is a complete port of ARToolkit that was written exclusively in Java. This makes it slower in execution than the original, but completely architecture independent. Like the original, NyARToolKit is a library of functions visual interpretation and integration of VR data into physical environments, including real-time camera vision functionality, 3D rendering of virtual objects, and integrating both into the output stream.


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