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Biometrics is a field of study of the biometric outputs of the body. It is capable both of recognising unique beings by unique biological tracks – such as fingerprints, iris patterns, breathing or brainwave patters – or equally, it is capable of recognising shared biometric data such as the nerve impulses (neural codes) to lift the knee or rotate the foot. Such codes are shared to a great extent across individuals, greatly simplifying a prospective interface.

A given biometric is simply a single method of data input from the organic body into the computer system. Heart rate would qualify, as would an idle daydream and the unique electrochemical pattern it produces.

Biometrics are increasingly used in security interfaces rather than trusting users to remember passwords. A password may be easily forgotten, but the fingerprint of your left index finger or the DNA of your blood is harder to lose.

Increasingly, although somewhat more in the shadows, biometrics are also being used as the ultimate interface method between a human and a computer system. By tying into thoughts and nerve impulses directly, it is possible to control a virtual form before the physical has a chance to move, as well as replicate that movement precisely. Even if the physical body part is no-longer present.

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