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Bionic Limb

A bionic limb is an augmented or robotic limb, which is grafted onto a human body. Typically connected directly to the central nervous system, they have appeared in TV fiction, giving enhanced strength or speed to the recipient. In actuality, they are used to restore lost function or strengthen depleted muscle control. The art of connecting the computing power of the limb to the central nervous system directly is termed BMI.

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Bionic Limb

Robotic Limb


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First woman fitted with bionic arm
Industry News

Ex-Marine Claudia Mitchell lost her arm in a motorcycle accident two years ago. Since then, she struggled with life with one arm. Standard prosthetic limbs gave a cosmetic limb, but added nothing to her quality of life. Now, she is the first human trial of a bionic arm, developed at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

A product of neuroprosthetic work, the Neuro-Controlled Bionic Arm, product of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, is the first artificial limb to tap directly into the nervous system, allowing it to be moved by unconscious thought, exactly the same as the natural, original arm.

The i-Limb, made by Touch Bionics, is one of the more advanced prosthetic hands. Its makers claim its the world's most advanced bionic hand. Whilst this claim does not hold water, it is certainly, at time of release in mid 2007, one of the most advanced hands, although not the most advanced - that honour goes to a DARPA military development.

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You Tube of Claudia Mitchell and the first haptic, bionic arm
Ex-Marine Claudia Mitchell became the first woman to receive a bionic arm. This video shows the truly revolutionary range of motion and freedom, that allows.

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Virtual Pain Relief: Virtual limb could provide relief from phantom limb pain
Reproduced with permission of The Wellcome Trust, this article takes a look in depth at the use of VR based limbs, to trick the brain into thinking the limb is still physically there - and make the pain vanish.

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Woman with bionic arm regains sense of touch
The art of prosthetics has moved forwards once more, and Claudia Mitchell, who lost her arm in a motorcycle accident and became the first woman to be fitted with a bionic arm has now become the first woman to be fitted with an artificial arm ? same arm ? that returns a sense of touch to her nervous system.

The dream of a prosthetic limb that touches and feels like a natural limb, is still some ways away. A natural arm or leg processes sensory data at a rate we just do not have the bandwidth to recreate, much less tie into the human nervous system. That said however, significant progress has already been made, and development continues at a rapidly accelerating pace.

This is an edited book comprised of the works of specialists around the globe. It concentrates exclusively on myoelectrically powered upper limb prostheses ? those powered by utilising inherent electrical signals within the patient?s muscle, and as such, goes into all the detail you could ever ask for on these devices.

A primer on limb prosthetics, is designed as a scientific aside, almost a technical manual for how life with a prosthetic will change, going into a great deal of detail on each kind of prosthetic, using medical and general notational jargon, as it discusses each joint?s prosthetisement, in a clinical, step by step manner.


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A man who lost his sight 30 years ago says he can now see flashes of light after being fitted with a bionic eye. Ron, 73, had the experimental surgery seven months ago at London's Moorfield's eye hospital.

He says he can no...

HAL, Hybrid Assistive Limb version 5, is finally making it to mass production after a ten year development cycle.

This bionic suit gives its wearer extra strength by encasing the wearer's major muscle groups in a worn exoske...

(Press Release) Direct and indirect sales momentum gathers for the i-LIMB Hand

Touch Bionics, developer of the world's first commercially available bionic hand, and SPS (Southern Prosthetic Supply) the leading U.S. O&P distr...

Work on artificial arms that would be controlled by the human mind is ramping up, thanks to a helping financial hand from DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).

DARPA announced in February that it would pour $...

(Press Release) Touch Bionics has released a the new version of its i-LIMB Skin prosthetic covering. With the new i-LIMB Skin, Touch Bionics has developed a synthetic covering that is a closer reflection of human skin function than has ever...