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Brightness is a measure of illumination for a given display system. It is typically measured in ANSI Lumens. The more lumens a display has, the better it will perform in a well-lit environment. A unit with a low brightness may only work well in low-illumination rooms, away from sunlight.

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3D films are becoming all the rage with cinematographers at the moment. The only problem is, the twin lens cameras used, basically double up on everything, including operating costs for film or digital storage space.

Of cours...

An new breakthrough in liquid crystal displays offers screen brightness and colour depth over one hundred and twelve times that currently available, eliminating the need for multiple ranges of brighness on a display....

A massive European effort to develop high-brightness semiconductor lasers could transform healthcare, telecoms and display applications and make Europe an undisputed leader in the field.

A massive European project to develop ...

Looking at photos on a cellphone display can be somewhat arduous. A new mini beamer will make it easier. The beamer is so small that it can be integrated in a cellphone or a PDA. As it does not need an extra light source it also conserves t...

Sony has announced via its webpage the development of a new type of LCD display that uses either half as much power as current same-size LCD displays, or the same amount of power, but doubles the brightness. Called WhiteMagic, the new LCD s...