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A C-Wall is related to CAVE systems, in that it uses the same highly immersive VR as CAVE systems, except that, instead of surrounding the user in a room where the virtual world is back-projected on EVERY surface, only one wall is used.

C-Walls are a very young technology, the first prototypes being produced in 2002, and improve on CAVE with minimal space installations, and superior polarization to ensure each eye recieves a different image.

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Games without frontiers?
A BBC column by Bill Thompson on how companies, far more than governments, are attempting to wall off the internet by physical location, and the methods being employed to fight back.

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VR Cultural Icons: Lightcycles
Light cycles are an icon of VR, that crop up again and again, in all manner of media. Two-wheeled motorcycles that leave a solid wall of light behind them, as a type of exhaust.

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VR Interfaces: StringWalker
Introducing the StringWalker. The StringWalker is basically a VR locomotion sensor, to try to allow unimnpeded natural movement in virtual worlds - without bashing your nose on a physical wall. It uses strings and pulliess for its' unique approach.

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Biosensor That Warns when Athletes are about to 'Hit The Wall'
A new biosensor actively monitors the production of warning signs an athlete or anyone performing intense physical activity, is coming to the end of their physical endurance, and is about to simply lock up, with their muscles physically unable to go any further.

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Bye Bye Blue Screen, Hello Virtual Reality
In September 2003, the BBC announced that it had finally found a new technology to replace the age old 'blue screen' - a virtual environment, projected straight on to the studio wall.

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Podcast: Pluribus: Scalable Multi-Projector Displays
A 30 minute podcast detailing the Pluribus projector system, designed by HP. Pluribus allows any mumber of different projectors, made by different manufacturers, with differing spec, to work together as one, to create a seamless display wall on a shoe string.

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A Dark World
It is beyond dark, it is pitch black. No motes of light, to glittering beams, no nothing. You blink and cannot tell if you did just blink or not. Away in the distance a humming begins. You hear it, and turn towards it. It is coming from your left, and down a ways. Beyond that you cannot tell. Reaching out, you grasp at empty air. The fear rises as you reach out for something, anything to grasp on, and through some flailing, you find a smooth wall.


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If only drivers could see through walls, blind corners and other dangerous road junctions would be much safer. Now an augmented reality system has been built that could just make that come true (see video, above).

The prototy...

A joystick connected to a steel box and a life-size projection are the only things present in the gallery at Seattle's 911 Media Arts for a virtual exhibit on the Berlin Wall.

Seattle-raised, Munich-based artist and engineer...

The house of sci-fi futurist films ? with computers built directly into the structure may finally become a reality, thanks to Sony Electronics.

Designed for the ?way consumers live today?, the CDP-NW10 in-wall audio system an...

Sanjay Joshi, assistant professor of mechanical and aeronautical engineering, and associate professor of psychology Jeffrey Schank have recorded the behavior of rat pups and built rat-like robots with the same basic senses and motor skills ...

Stickybot, developed by Mark Cutkosky and his team at Stanford University in California, has feet with synthetic setae made of an elastomer. These tiny polymer pads ensure a large area of contact between the feet and the wall, maximising th...