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CASE stands for Computer Aided Software Engineering. It refers to any method of developing new software in which the computer system provides shortcuts and other assistance to reduce the length of time of the development process.

Tools such as visual icons to represent procedures, or a simplification of the program creation process is one example of CASE. A second example might be the use of a VR system to create a 3D desktop – the ability to open viewpoints to different parts of the code in the perceived 3D space around the user. A third might be the use of an intelligent agent to write parts of the code itself, for insertion into the program.

However CASE is implemented, a common result is less efficient code, as shortcuts taken or simplifications on the user end result in general purpose modules linked together. However, this does not have to be the case with this type of coding, and is more a limitation of the particular interfaces used than of CASE itself.

See Also: Software Agent, CAD, CAM

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A Case for Complexity?
What do players actually want from a world such as a MMORPG? Could it be that we are getting too complex in modern designs, and are turning them off, or is content too linear, too structured round the shared activity to be truly appealing? Decide for your self in this fascinating article.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: Beyond: Indoor, Cloudless Rain
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Second hype or second life?
Social VR finally begin to achieve mainstream respect, as a BBC columnist starts to consider them a serious part of life. Second Life, in this case.

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The Mudder's New Clothes
An interesting, somewhat dated article, on the fascination and burning need participants have in any virtual environment ? textual in this case ? to wear clothing that shows a certain style, even if few if any ever see it. It speaks really, of the tendency in people to add customisation extras to their forms, even if few if any get to see them.

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Military Strategies Based On Ants' Movements
Sometimes viable battlespace tactics come out of left field. In this case, a system that in all likelihood will end up as a military asset, started life in several commercial videogames.

There always seems to be an artificial disconnect between the skillset necessary to draw in 2D and that necessary to animate with CGI. Many books treat it as if you have to unlearn all you know from one, to learn the other, even when that is clearly not the case. This tome shows why it is not.

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Case for Multiple Experience Games
An interesting article, on the track of creating multiple entertainment experiences in a single product, rather than different titles ? allowing individuals to explore the same gameworld, even if their interests often diverge.

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Identity Theft and Mudding
In an environment where identity is fluid, what are the pitfalls of assuming the identity of another? This article helps with several case studies, and the degree of real legal trouble the person can get into.

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