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Camera Matrix

A camera matrix, or projection matrix occurs where the viewpoint into a given environment, whether physical or virtual, needs to convert every 3D point visible from that viewpoint, into a 2D point on the matrix, for display on 2D media such as monitors.

In the case of stereoscopic displays, two such matrices are required per frame.

See Also: Viewpoint

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An introduction to philosophy book, third in the ?Popular Culture and Philosophy? series, The Matrix and Philosophy is a collection of essays that mediate on the nature of existence, using the film The Matrix, and the simulation of total reality as a frame of reference.

The sequel to ?The Matrix and Philosophy: Welcome to the Desert of the Real?, this book continues the work of the first, by mediating on the nature of existence, using the film The Matrix, and the simulation of total reality as a frame of reference.

The Matrix is one of the most prominent mainstream adaptations of VR. Not necessarily the best, not by a long shot, it is still the one most mainstream individuals bring to mind when VR is mentioned. In this list, we strive to index all Matrix-related resources held upon this site, in order to aid your search for like material.

Matrix Revolutions picks up right where Matrix Reloaded left off. This is perhaps unsurprising, as the two are essentially one long film, split into two parts. Whilst both lack the raw power of the original, Revolutions is the better film, as it ties things up into logical conclusions, and could stand alone. The same could not be said for Reloaded.

The second part of the continung story of the Matrix, the massive film franchise that brought VR into the public spotlight for a time.

The Matrix, much over-hyped, and copied. How real is it really? Is such a world really possible? Mmm...

This disc is not one of the film disks, but it is a 163 minute long documentary covering the concept of the Matrix, the making of the films, and the impact it had on eceryone involved in a project of this size and scope. Definitely a worth watch for anyone.

The 'Ultimate Matrix Collection' is actually rather less than ultimate, since it does not include the Matrix philosophy books, and other add-ons. However, what this bumper DVD collection does include, is all three films, and the Animatrix.

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A Camera that Detects Vital Signs
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