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Camera Vergence

The term for optical vergeance on a single moving point. It applies when two points of view - as in optical displays for a HMD - try to converge on a single object, as that object moves nearer, or further away. Both 'camera views' must track the object, and stay focused on it in sync.

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A Camera that Detects Vital Signs
Originally designed with Olympic events in mind, the INCA camera is a tiny recording device that is also perhaps the first SimStim device in existence. It is capable of interfacing with any body area network to record metadata of temperature, heart rate, breathing, potentially even mood of the subject on screen, and transferring that data directly onto the video file itself, as additional data.

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Improving Robotic Surgery by integrating Augmented Reality Elements
Robotic surgical procedures are carried out with the aid of a camera system attached alongside the tools on the robotic arm that is inserted into the body of a patient. A surgeon carries out the operation by seeing through the camera's eye. As such, augmented reality systems have always seemed a good fit to overlay a virtual representation of the patient's innards, along with the full size and shape of the target area, on the display screen. However, the difficulty of AR object recognition inside the body has always proven too much of a hurdle. Until now.

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360 degree Full Motion Video Panoramas
The ISIS panoramic camera offers many new possibilities for security - and also for the use and applications of panoramic VR systems.

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Parallax Textures, Made with Camera Flash
A new method of creating parallax mapping has been demonstrated, which can automatically create parallax texturemaps from ordinary photographs.

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AR Sights
AR Sights is a novel application for augmented reality that ties into Google Earth landmarks. It requires an internet connection, a printer and some form of computer-connected camera system. This could be a web cam, an iPhone, an AR HUD, or any similar device.

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AR: Object Recognition in Real-Time
Using a process of machine vision, not altogether different from OCR, a Santa Monica, California, based company has created an application which identifies physical world objects held in front of a camera-phone, regardless of orientation.

It may look a little ungainly, and perhaps not best for use in outside environments, but the EyeSeeCam, developed by biomedical engineers and clinical neurologists at the University of Munich Hospital, is camera designed to store and transmit the exclusive point of view of its wearer's eyes.

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3D Cameras will make Virtual Worlds Easier to Use?
A counterpoint to the recent hype about availability of 3D positional camera interfaces for mainstream virtual worlds by 2009-2010. A good idea? Yes, but lets not get carried away.

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The Omni-focus
The omni-focus is a camera system with the ability to function much like the human eye - capturing objects in its field of vision regardless of the distance, in perfect focus. It even adapts an algorithm from VR, in order to do so.


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Textiles and the fibers that compose them are experiencing a sort of high-tech renaissance lately. Researchers are finding ways to turn silk into sensors by adding biological molecules to it, and turn cotton sheets into electronic fabric by...