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Camera Version

Camera version is a stereoscopic vision term, used in both VR and AR. It refers to the ability of two cameras to verge on a single, overlapping gaze point, and create stereoscopy.

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Camera Version


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Seeing Through Walls: Heat Vision AR Leaves the Movies
In many modern sci-fi films, a fugitivve is on the run, and the authorities track them by means of an AR camera that can penetrate the walls of the building they are in, and search them out by their shape, movement, or the heat they give off. Well, the first real version of that system has been created.

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A Camera that Detects Vital Signs
Originally designed with Olympic events in mind, the INCA camera is a tiny recording device that is also perhaps the first SimStim device in existence. It is capable of interfacing with any body area network to record metadata of temperature, heart rate, breathing, potentially even mood of the subject on screen, and transferring that data directly onto the video file itself, as additional data.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: The Second Renaissance: Zooming into the Machine
This single still is from the widescreen version of ?The Second Renaissance?, one of the Animatrix animated shorts. The full sequence encapsulates the id's version of the capabilities of VR, rather well.

World Review: ActiveWorlds Gate 4.1
World Review: ActiveWorlds Gate 4.1 welcome screen
The ActiveWorlds codebase reinvented itself in June 2006 with the 4.1 version of it?s software (previous version was 3.6). In addition to a whole host of changes and improvements, they completely rebuilt the entrance and helpdesk world, AWGate, into something, which strived to be more than the glorified chatroom of the old.
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AR Development > ARToolWorks (ARToolkit 4.4)
A version of ARToolkit has been released for use with the iPhone. Codenamed ARToolWorks, and based on ARToolkit version 4.4, it is slimmed down to operate on the reduced computing power of an iPhone when compared to a desktop PC.

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Improving Robotic Surgery by integrating Augmented Reality Elements
Robotic surgical procedures are carried out with the aid of a camera system attached alongside the tools on the robotic arm that is inserted into the body of a patient. A surgeon carries out the operation by seeing through the camera's eye. As such, augmented reality systems have always seemed a good fit to overlay a virtual representation of the patient's innards, along with the full size and shape of the target area, on the display screen. However, the difficulty of AR object recognition inside the body has always proven too much of a hurdle. Until now.

The official programming guide for OpenGL, in printed format, for reading away from the PC, or during a reboot. Outside of the Windows operating environment, Open Graphics Library, is industry standard for developing 2D and 3D applications.

The official reference manual for OpenGL, in printed format, for reading away from the PC, or during a reboot. Outside of the Windows operating environment, Open Graphics Library, is industry standard for developing 2D and 3D applications.

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360 degree Full Motion Video Panoramas
The ISIS panoramic camera offers many new possibilities for security - and also for the use and applications of panoramic VR systems.


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At the very end of last year, Resort Technology Partners announced that a new version of their ski resrt helper for the iPhone, was available. This version tracks more than 80 mountains in North America, and when the GPS system and gyroscop...

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Startup Lytro unveiled a camera that lets people adjust the focus on photos after they take them.

Work that Ren Ng started in a lab while working on a PhD at Stanford University about eight years ago has led to the creation o...

A new type of speed camera that does not flash and requires no film is being tested in west London.

The digital speed camera or "d-cam" photographs drivers' faces and number plates and, if it wins Home Office approval, cou...

Nintendo has confirmed it will start selling a new version of its handheld DS console in Japan this Christmas with a UK launch likely early next year.

The duel-screen Nintendo DSi will come with a camera, digital music player...