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Casual Player

Casual players are those who don't spent inorfinate amounts of time in world. They may participate a bit here, and a bit there, but are visitors at best, and don't try to live there. The majority of participants in any large world will be casual.

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Casual Player


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Acting Casual About Casual Gamers
A nine year old article, whose advice is still ignored by many big studios, to their detriment. Casual gamers do not have the time to throw 40 hours a week into a given experience grind gameworld, but their total spending power far exceeds those who do. Perhaps there should be a place for this type of person, as well?

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Quick Start: Developing Your Character
A solid, and badly needed guideline on creating a character which is sensible, and believable. Covers the creation of the backstory, and motivation for your character's actions - a point often missed by the new, or casual role-player.

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Imaginary Realities: Beyond Player Killing
This old article, from the long-defunct e-zine Imaginary Realities, looks at various automated 'solutions' for player versus player conflict in gameworlds and virtual life worlds.

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Replicating Medical Epidemics in Virtual Worlds
Are MMO worlds really a place where epidemics can be implemented? Infections leaping from player to player, some succumbing, some becoming carriers? It seems amazing, and farfetched - no player would stand for that, surely. Yet, this has already happened in at least one persistent virtual world.

Complete Website: Mudders' Cave
A site dedicated to player-to-player communication, and a small group of MUDs. An established site, with a precise focus towards the players, not the worlds. Also includes a moderate-sized database of player-names, and an attempt to find out why players leave individual worlds.

Linked resource
If You Don't Like it, Leave!
What do you do when a player just "won't let go"? It's difficult to just idly sit by and say nothing when a player becomes abusive, but what really is the "best" way to handle them?

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Applying for Wizardhood
Five helpful tips for anyone applying for a staff position on any not-for profit, or casual virtual world. Just like any interview situation, they help cover the basics, and increase your chances of working for them.

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The story of Havoc
A satriatrical look at non-role players, based around one player's character in a particular MUD, Nexus. A sad example of what can happen if a player doesn't consider RP 'a worthy consideration'.

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Makers of Dusk and Dawn
A look at the ultimate future of MMOs and social VR - player generated content. Second Life have worked out they have the equivalent of $400 million dollars of creative input per year - how to leverage that kind of player drive, and grade it in a MMO?

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