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A chatbot, also known as either a chatterbot or a chat bot, is both a bot and a limited AI creation. Its an external program complete unto itself that can be plugged into a virtual environment and given an avatar to wear. It is also an AI designed with varying degrees of success, to have enough mastery of human language, sentence structure and constructive reasoning, to be able to converse with a human at length to the point that the human believes they are conversing with another human.

Typically chatbots have been used to advance the cause of strong AI and natural language interfaces.

There is an annual prize, the Loebner prize, connected to chatbots. Each year the latest and greatest compete in a Turing test with judges to win the distinction of being the first AI to actually pass the Turing test.

See Also: Loebner Prize, Turing Test

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Chatbots > ELIZA
ELIZA was the first chatbot to be created, originally back in the 1960s. A real-time natural language processor and response program, she was born in MIT, written by Joseph Weizenbaum. Several versions were created over the period spanning 1964 - 1966.


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The world?s most advanced chatbot, the open source, twenty year old Alice, may have fallen from grace. Fears are growing that a clone is being used to dupe users of MSN's instant messaging service into downloading spyware.


Blogger James Bach was so unimpressed by the contrived and seemingly scripted responses to his typed questions to the Web Greeter site that be became convinced he was talking to an unthinking chatbot rather than a human....

When accountancy students at the University of Wollongong need help from lecturer George Mickhail, George is always willing to help. Any queryfrom anyone, on any of thecampusii, at any time of the day or night, is greeted with a smile and a...