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The churn rate of a virtual world refers to the rate at which players grow despondent, and drop out of the world. The lower the churn rate, the longer they stay.

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World Review: Dive In
World Review: Dive In welcome screen
DiveIn is a little bit of an oddity. Well, it would be, if the company that makes it, did not churn out similar worlds at a rate of knots.


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Supercomputers churn through vast amounts of data using multiple processing cores working in parallel. But most supercomputers dip into a database to find information, process the data, and then produce a result--a process that can take min...

17 July 2009
London, UK

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* Learn about the current status and direction of government and industry policy for nurturing, engaging and protecting minors in games & virtual social s...

Toshiba has developed a printer that uses plastic "paper" that can be re-used hundreds of times, without degradation. Ideal for printing out lists that are not meant to be kept, the printer uses the same plastic which is used for bottles ...

Networks of compromised computers controlled by a central server, better known as botnets, are a Swiss Army knife of tools for online criminals. Hackers can use these co-opted systems to churn out spam, host malicious code, hide their track...