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Ciliary Muscles

The ciliary muscles are muscles around the eye that expand and contract to change the focus of the eye. Movement of these is detected in immersive VR systems, and used to refocus a sterioscopic display so that the correct portion of the image is in focus.

This reduces eye-strain, and simulator sickness.

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Ciliary Muscles


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Artificial Muscle from Fishing Line: Powerful yet Cheap
When we think of artificial muscles, we tend to think of new materials that allow constructs to replicate the function of organic muscles in useful ways. We don't tend to think of existing materials in common usage as a means to create these muscles. After all if they are in common usage, they would already have been tested and discarded, right?

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Electroactive Elastomers Artificial Muscles for Shock Absorption
Electroactive elastomers have been around for a long time. They are atificial muscles which change their form when exposed to an electrical field. However, add in an intelligent processing system, and a clever way of layering the elastomer for alternating power, and you have a very powerful shock absorber capable of taking significant impacts, and doing so for many years.

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Artificial Muscles Constructed From Wax-Filled Nanotech Yarn
Artificial muscles made from nanotech yarns and infused with paraffin wax can lift more than 100,000 times their own weight and generate 85 times more mechanical power than the same size natural muscle, according to scientists at The University of Texas at Dallas and their international team from Australia, China, South Korea, Canada and Brazil.

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Video games need 'realism boost'
BBC article about how to add authenticity to VR, goes beyond graphics, also encompassing extensive use of motion capture to catalogue how stance, gait and the tiny movements of facial muscles combine when people display different emotions.

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Biosensor That Warns when Athletes are about to 'Hit The Wall'
A new biosensor actively monitors the production of warning signs an athlete or anyone performing intense physical activity, is coming to the end of their physical endurance, and is about to simply lock up, with their muscles physically unable to go any further.

Twendy-One is what is described by its creators as "a human-symbiotic robot". Standing five feet tall, and weighing 245 pounds, Twendy is bristling with sensors and artificial muscles. Developed by by Sugano Laboratory, Department of Modern Mechanical Engineering, Waseda University, Japan, this robot is designed as a replacement for difficult to find and keep human care staff for elderly or infirm individuals.

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Virtual Voice: The Power of Online Communication: A Textual Voice
Textual communication, as exhibited by chat rooms, MUDs, graphic social VRs, and MMOs, is itself a form of voice, a virtual voice. There are many who cannot speak properly, through the many disabilities which can affect voice: ME which wastes muscles away; cerebral palsy, which limits fine motor control; Parkinsons, which plays with signals from the brain to the body, or simple paralysis.


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One of the greater issues with development towards prolongued immersion systems is the necessity of regularly exercising muscles. Whilst it is true that for a sizable percentage of those for whom prolongued immersion in VR is desirable, hav...

Each year, in the US, 140,000 people suffer damage to the nerve that controls blinking on one side of the face or the other. About 15% of these never recover the ability to blink, which is crucial for lubricating and cleaning the eye.

A new animation system analyses 3D models, and automatically generates the proper skeletal and muscular systems accurate to that form. These systems can then be manipulated for animation.

In the past, models have always worke...

Research with tiny artificial muscles may yield a full-page active Braille system that can refresh automatically and come to life right beneath your fingertips.

Yosi-Bar Cohen, a senior researcher at NASA's Jet Propulsion La...

A new surgical procedure being implemented in the US, by Seattle surgeon Doug Smith is focused on improving the offerings for prosthetic limbs under mind control.

The process involves the use of a mechanical hand controlled ...