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Clipping plane

Clipping planes are essentially cut-off points for rendering in large virtual environments. They are essentially max-distance markers. Anything with an axis value further away from the viewpoint than the plane, is cut from data sent to be rendered. The less powerful the processor rendering the view, the nearer to the viewpoint the planes are. There is usually one clipping plane per axis.

See also: Render fog

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Convex Hull Simplification With Containment By Successive Plane Removal
A fairly short overview of an interesting, and immensely handy simplification method, with the potential to reduce the number of calculations needed in a scene.

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"I liked that other place. There was a God there."
This is a whimsical tale of a journey into an as yet uncreated virtual sim world, an Earth in its entirety, which has been created to test the hypothesis of an Earth ?spinning with its axis of rotation in the plane of its ecliptic around the sun, its south pole always pointing at the sun.? The article goes into great depth and hilarity, but ends with a poignant note on the nature of VR worlds, which you would do well to remember.

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Indoor Totally-Autonomous UAV Plane
Researchers working at MIT have cracked one of the most difficult challenges in autonomous aircraft sensing and AI to crop up since self-piloting aircraft first came about. They have devised a method whereby fast-flying UAV planes can detect their environment and react swiftly enough to be able to fly indoors, dodging both static and moving obstacles as effortlessly as any human pilot could.

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Using UAVs to Ramp up Development of Aerial Sensor Webs
In concept it is quite brilliant using a small, cheap, practically 3D printable unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to greatly accelerate the development of aerial sensors, by allowing them to quickly and easily be fitted to the UAV, and launched into the air without a moment's hesitation. Something needs tweaking, the small plane is landed, the sensor detached, tweaked, reattached and the whole thing lifts again.

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Combating Noise and Distortion When Linking Aircraft to the wider Sensor Net
Commercial aircraft are a problem when it comes to linking them to the wider sensor net - all external electronic communication flows through a single part of the nose of the plane. This must be precision manufactured to be defect-free, or moisture and heat can tear the signal apart. How then, do you guarantee it is defect-free?


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