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The codebase refers to a platform of standard code which is free to use, licenced or purchased, then used as the foundations and initial structure of the world. Codebases take care of most of the grunt work in creating a world, but confine your world within the capabilities of the codebase.

There are hundreds of codebases available from MUD2, DIKU, Circle, ROM, SMAUG, TinyMush, PennMush, MUX, Active Worlds, Mordor, and many, many more!

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ActiveWorlds 4.1: Working with Movers
Movers are the vehicles of ActiveWorlds codebase worlds. They were new as of version 4.1, released June 2006. For those who have worked with this codebase a long time, the new vehicles may take some getting used to. This tutorial sets out to explain their use in this popular graphical world codebase.

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Vie MUD was a Multi-User Domain (MUD) based off the DIKU MUD codebase. Vie spawned five versions, Vie 1-5. Each was publicly released, as a separate codebase to build a new MUD off of.

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Codebase: ActiveWorlds 3.6
A look at the ActiveWorlds graphical codebase, its extensibility, pros, cons, and its suitability as a base for your world.

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Codebase: ActiveWorlds 4.1
Activeworlds 4.1 Codebase, released in June 2006. An overview of it's capabilities and limitations.

3DEE: In Pictures
 3DEE:  In Pictures welcome screen
3DEE is a social worlds system based on the ActiveWorlds codebase. Like all systems based on this code, it looks and feels a bit dated, which hides the power of the codebase.
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in early June 2006 ActiveWorlds incorporated launched the 4.1 upgradeto the ActiveWorlds codebase. Nearly ten months past the official launch date, and four years since the last major upgrade, does this new codebase live up to the hopes of its patrons?

Complete Website: MUX 2.2
The homepage, and development central of the MUX 2.2 codebase. All versions can be found here.

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ActiveWorlds released it's 4.1 codebase in early June 2006. This was a radical departure from previous versions, with focus on collaborative interactivity, and realistic effects.

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ActiveWorlds Expo 2007
The ActiveWorlds exposition 2007, a vast improvement on the previous year, marks the second firm attempt to showcase the potential of the ActiveWorlds codebase, and breathe new life into an aging platform. We look at how it fared.


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