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Cognition Engine

A cognition engine is basically a framework program that acts as the thinking part of an artificial intelligence system.

Encapsulated in such an engine, an artificial intelligence system can thus be set to work with any other system, with minimal changes ? if any.

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Cognition Engine


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Aimed at the working Visual C++ game developer, 3D Game Engine Design provides a tour of mathematical techniques for 3-D graphics, and the source code that's used to implement them in state of year 2000?s art gameworld engines.

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The Open Cognition Project
The open cognition project is an attempt to provide researchers and software engineers from all fields, a holistic base to build a common platform for artificial intelligence programs. The goal of OpenCog is to help bootstrap development of artificial general intelligence.

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Search engine for mythological resources across the web.

This book is very much a philosophical viewpoint tome, one which is very relevant to VR, as it meanders between materialism and sensory synergy, arguing back and forth about how motion and sensation are the same thing; two halves of a dynamo engine which continually feed into one another.

Complete Website: onRPG
Essentially, this site is a massive directory for free Massively Multiplayer worlds (MMOs). However, it also reaches into world creation with the PlayerWorlds engine, a 2D world creation toolkit using Visual Basic.

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The Trials and Tribulations of Tribology
This fair-size tutorial takes a good, solid look at friction, starting out with the scientific overview, then moving on to how you go about coding the use of friction into your engine. Well illustrated, includes code. A very good article.

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Wearable Brain Diagnosis: Thanks NASA
NASA has been working on the problems of depression and moodswings by astronauts. The lack of gravity in orbit causes blood to pool in the brain, affecting cognition. What we have lacked is a means to monitor this situation and assess how thought patterns are affected.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: The Second Renaissance: In the Form of Man
A scene from ?The Second Renaissance?, one of the Animatrix animated shorts, showing serving robots in approximately humanoid form, eking out a servile living, despite being capable of significant cognition and self awareness. It feels like realistic history from the relatively near future.

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AI Middleware: Getting into Character Part 4: Stottler Henke's SimBionic
SimBionic is an authoring tool and runtime engine for developing complex behaviors in NPCs characters. SimBionic can also control objects in the world that move or behave in reaction to events or conditions within the world - tied into the NPC AI this makes for a formidible level of immersion.

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Brain Search
The brain is of profound importance. It is the place that houses our sense of self, our mind. It contains all of who and what we are. As technologies advance, Brain-Machine interfaces will become more and more sophisticated, and our understanding of the brain's functions will become ever-greater. This resource is a search engine specifically geared to finding all resources on the site that deal with developments / prosthetics for different brain regions.


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Fujitsu and iCAD today announced the development of the world's first computer aided design (CAD) engine, designed to be used as part of a 3D CAD system for designing machinery that is capable of processing data for one million parts in 0....

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Toyota has announced it has developed a driver safety system for future cars, which involves bio-chip detectors embedded around the steering wheel. These analyse the sweat extruded by hands graspng the wheel, and analyse it for signs of eth...

Interpersonal communication is more than just the exchange of words. Speech, gaze and body coordination are all utilized during conversation. A common example, such as hand gesturing while speaking, shows effective communication is more tha...

Italy's antitrust watchdog is investigating allegations that Google Italy is discriminating against newspapers that don't want their content linked on Google's news site by dropping them from its search engine.

The Italian...