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Cold Start

Cold start is a GPS term. It refers to the process of powering up a new GPS receiver for the first time and having it search out and lock onto the satellites by itself, without the benefit of initialisation data. This procedure is slow and may take several minutes to acquire satellites.

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Cold Start


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Haptics: Cold
An examination of haptics would not be complete without a look at some of the lesser known sensory nerves. This time it is the turn of Krausse's bulb end, responsible for our sense of cold. How it actually does that, is still something of a mystery.

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Virtual worlds Require Better Tools
When we interact with the world around us, how do we do it? Do we press soft foot soles to the floor, feeling the cold flow up our legs? Bend over the fridge, wiping the hair out of our eyes as we do so, smelling the mix of meats and cheeses within?

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Resource List: Introductory VR
Coming into virtual reality cold, can be an overwhelming experience. For many people, the last they heard of VR was during the dot com boom of the mid 1990s. When it sank out of sight as the technology was not up to mainstream expectations, many ordinary folk assumed this field had dissipated altogether.

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Rendering a VR for Viruses
University of Melbourne researchers have been utilising the full power of a dedicated IBM Blue Gene supercomputer to run a single massive virtual reality system - simulating the common cold virus inside and out. The purpose? To defeat it.

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JCB Virtual Nanoscopy Viewer is not "Google Earth" for Cell Biologists but is a Good Start
At the start of August 2012, the Journal of Cell Biology (JCB) proclaimed in a press release that their new JCB Data Viewer was a major breakthrough, and the equivalent of the mirror world “Google Earth” for cell biologists. Well, the capabilities of the viewer are a breakthrough all right, but they are not yet up to the standards expected of a mirror world program.

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Flora and Fauna in the Cold Wastelands
Creating plant and animal life appropriate for desert areas is radically different to creating it for most terrain. You have to take into account the effects of the environment, not just on animal behaviour, but also on the way the species has adapted to the environment.

Such alternative history samples are outstanding, meaty fodder for world plotlines based around parallel existences - a world run by Hitler, or a cold war of the far future. This outstanding collection of essays really encourages you to think outside the box, and wonder, What might have happened if....

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Touchscreen Use in All Weather
Industry News

Touchscreen technology has until now, had one strong disadvantage: In inclement weather, wet, freezing cold hands result from touchscreen use, as gloves and other finger protectors have always made fingers too big and bulky to effectively use touchscreen technology, whilst masking tactile feedback with the glove?s spongy surface.

A bit of an oddity, this book. Right from the start, it derides VR interface hardware as expensive, niche and unnecessary, insisting you can achieve everything VR is good for, with a desktop PC and a mouse.

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?Here's a rookie mistake for a would-be Internet storyteller: Start a roleplaying, story-oriented mud, but make it all about you. Only tell the stories you want to tell, the way you want to tell them, and, no matter what, don't let your participants share in the effort of fleshing out the world you've created.?


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Many wheelchair-using children with neurological disorders have much colder hands and feet than other children, and most receive no special help even though they have had these problems for a long time, is revealed in at thesis from the Sah...

A maker of over-the-counter cold and flu remedies released a program this week for the T-Mobile G1, also known as the "Google phone," that warns the user how many people in an area are sneezing and shaking with winter viruses.

New research by Hailan Hu of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York and colleagues, has unearthed part of the formation of memory.

They ran lab tests on mice, finding that norepinephrine, as well as emotional stress, leads...

World of Warcraft, the anticipated MMORPG set in the Warcraft universe, will start private beta signups on 5th July 2004, Blizzard Interactive has announced....

US online giant Amazon will start a Japanese-language ebook business as early as this year, the Nikkei business daily and Jiji press said Thursday.

The company, which already has a strong retail presence in Japan, is in the f...