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Collaborative Virtual Environment

Collaborative Virtual Environment or CVE is a term used to describe any networked virtual reality system where two or more people are able to share the same experience, and each can interact with the world in a way that the others in that world can see the effects of.

If three people are in a virtual space, one reaches out, and grasps a cup from the wall, but they are the only ones seeing the cup, then the environment is not a CVE, for that, all three would have to see the first person pluck the cup from the wall, and its journey as the person drew back the hand containing the cup.

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Collaborative Virtual Environment

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Waldo Avatars
In order for a virtual environment to truly be an environment for us, the avatars we utilise have to be so much more than they are now. They have to become extensions of our will as well as of our selves, bodily appendages or recreations that enable fine movement, and the manifestation of physical movement or the will to move physically, recreated in the every detail, in the collaborative, virtual space.

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Sametime 3D
IBM has unveiled a new spin on collaborative virtual environments. Sametime 3D isn't a stand alone VR, but rather, is part of a general business software suite, and is intended as a convenient way to collaborate on business projects.

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PC Specs for Virtual Worlds: General
In order to appreciate the true majesty of any virtual environment, you require the most apt hardware for displaying sensory data that you can afford. For the most part, this article is directed towards home uses of VR. The home user with a seven-year-old office computer, who can barely access a modern virtual environment, lagged to death and not understanding why.

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An Omnipresent Environment
The concept of a totally surrounding, totally enveloping virtual environment; the logical progression for VR.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: World Record: The Crowds We Require
The Animatrix short film is set inside the virtual reality world that is the Matrix, inside an Olympic stadium, with a crowd of tens of thousands of avatars and AIs watching. This is glorious fiction at this point in time, and serves as a reminder of just how far we have yet to travel, for serious collaborative uses of VR. Only when scenes such as the one pictured above are replicable in terms of avatar participation density, will we truly see the business and social potential for VR, realized.

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Java Virtual Environment Device Interfaces
Java Virtual Environment Device Interfaces or JVEDI are specialised driver interfaces, written in Java, to allow VRML based VR worlds to access more advanced interface devices. The JVEDI project was last active in 2000, at the height of VRML usage, however the drivers still exist today, courtesy of the Visualisation and Virtual Reality Group.

World Review: My SecureCyberspace
World Review: My SecureCyberspace welcome screen
My SecureCyberspace is the product of Carnegie Mellon University. Designed as an environment for children to learn responsible internet habits from, it is a single-user, flash-based environment. Not a virtual world as such, it is more of a game, which teaches responsible, safe behaviour when in multi-user virtual environments.
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ActiveWorlds released it's 4.1 codebase in early June 2006. This was a radical departure from previous versions, with focus on collaborative interactivity, and realistic effects.

World Review: Taurius
World Review: Taurius welcome screen
Not every persistent, immersive virtual environment is geared for kids, or is even suitable for them. At the same time, adult does not have to mean sexual. Adult can simply be a nice, mature environment where friends can relax and interact.
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Radiotherapy in the UK benefits from virtual reality training
All trainee radiographers in the UK will learn how to treat cancer on virtual patients using Virtual Environment Radiotherapy Training (VERT), a development by the University of Hull and the Princess Royal Hospital.


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The University of Salford, partners in major ?12m European Commission project has been announced to enable engineers in the aerospace, automotive and construction industries across the globe to interact using virtual reality technology.

Gartner research have predicted that in five years time 80 percent of Internet users will have an alternate life within at least one virtual environment.

"The collaborative and community-related aspects of these environments...

A workshop on virtual reality hardware and software will take place from 30 November to 1 December in Stuttgart, Germany.

The workshop will present new trends in virtual reality hardware and software, organised around the fol...

The CAPTECH2004 Workshop on Modelling and Motion Capture Techniques for Virtual Environments takes place on 9, 10 & 11 December 2004, in Zermat, Switzerland.

An international workshop to stimulate discussion on the current an...

Ray Kurzweil, prominent voice in accellerating intelligence, spoke to the World Economic Forum yesterday, solely by communicating through a virtual environment, projected round his form, and transmitted across the world using cutting edge t...