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Colour Filter

A colour filter is a fullscreen effect applied to each frame of a render after the frame has arrived in the video buffer ? just before it is written to the display device. The filter tints the output according to a specified colour palette. This is often done to create otherworldly lighting, or in combination with depth fog, to render underwater scenes.

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Colour Filter


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The colour of minerals
Interesting paper on the various causes of a mineral's particular colour.

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Lessons from Simone: MoCap Filter
Simone is a seminal virtual reality film, and there are several aspects of both the technology of VR and the social impact, which the film carries off very well, and which deserve to stand on their own merits. The MoCap filter the film alludes to, is one such aspect.

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Processing an Avatar's Facial Colour
Researchers at Toyohashi University of Technology have discovered that the human bain processes the colour of a face separately to the features of that face. This is an interesting development, especially when placed in the context of crafting personalised avatar forms for AI sales agents and other interactive AI in virtual space.

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Large Image Display: The Stepford Wives: Blending Displays with Drapes
There are several potential ways this display is working. One of the simplest and most plausible is a colour e-paper display behind a completely transparent display medium. The e-paper handles the picture, 'refreshing' the colour display to a matt black when the layer in front, the graphical display is activated. As soon as that deactivates, the 'oil' is re-drawn. Simple, elegant, and still far beyond us.

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Stereoscopic Broadcasting Begins
With the hubbub surrounding cinema 3.0, and 3D stereoscopy in the cinemas, it seemed only a matter of time before stereoscopy as the next great buzzword of the passive entertainment industry (broadcast networks) started to filter into broadcasting.

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Implant Can filter Cancer Cells
Industry News

Cornell University researcher Michael King has developed a novel prosthetic device. An extra ?organ? for the body which basically removes free-floating cancer cells from the bloodstream, impeding their chances of setting up shop elsewhere in the body.

This book?s author essentially sees CGI imagery as the next great art-form. This book, is an art book, filled with lavish full colour spreads of image captures from passive VR. Both TV and feature film type.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: A Detective Story: The Red Queen
As 'Find the Red Queen' shows, a world with a palette leaning towards the dark and depressive, does not have to be entirely gray scale. A little splash of colour, can have impact without seeming too out of place, providing it is grainy, dirty, and somewhat washed out, just like the rest of the world.

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Large Image Display: Simone: Mocap Animation Differences
In Lessons from Simone: MoCap Filter , it was discussed how Simone whilst yes she was controlled by Victor?s body movements in a MoCap system, never quite copied those movements perfectly. Whereas Viktor's movements are not always feminine, Simone moves with a permanent feminine grace.


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Colour is normally thought of as a fundamental attribute of an object: a red Corvette, a blue lake, a pink flamingo. Yet despite this popular notion, new research suggests that our perception of colour is malleable, and relies heavily on bi...

Revolutionary new transparent lenses have been developed by researcher Chunye Xu, a chemical engineer at the University of Washington at Seattle, which can change colour on demand, from clear to any colour of the spectrum.


Australia's widely criticized proposal to mandate a filter blocking child pornography and other objectionable Internet content has been delayed at least a year so the government can review what content should be restricted.


E Ink Corporation of Cambridge, Massachusetts, says it will be demonstrating a colour version of its e-paper at the Society for Information Display conference in San Antonio, Texas, on 31 May, and that products based on its colour e-paper w...

Philips Research has developed a novel colour e-paper technology that opens up new design opportunities for personalizing electronic devices. This means that the colour and appearance, of the device?s surface, for example an MP3 player or m...