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Computer Aided Tomography

Computer Aided Tomography. Tomography is the displaying of a slice of something. CAT is used to slice up the human body, or another object, and display the slices either individually, or by compound structure, building up an interlayered model that can be taken apart easilly.

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Computer Aided Tomography



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Fast Adaptive Optics for 3D Medical Imaging
One of the greatest problems with tomography based medical scanners, is what happens when the patient moves (breathes, or pumps blood). The distortion that occurs in each slice has long been correctable, but takes a long time to correct. With near-instant correction now possible, real-time medical scanning is starting to look like a true possibility.

A basic problem in computer vision is to understand the structure of a physical sceene from just one or two camera?s perspective. This book attempts to provide a basic background in everything you need to know to be able to create a computer vision system, and train it to deal with the physical world.

An applied introduction to modern computer vision, focusing on a set of computational techniques for 3-D imaging. Covers a wide range of fundamental problems encountered within computer vision and provides detailed algorithmic and theoretical solutions for each. Each chapter concentrates on a specific problem and solves it by building on previous results.

A handy dictionary of terminology in printed format for 2D and 3D computer modelling.

A look behind the making of the computer AI that revolutionised the public opinion of AI back in 1997.

Programming the Universe is a Simulation Argument book. Lloyd, a professor at MIT, works in the vanguard of research in quantum computing: using the quantum mechanical properties of atoms as a computer. He contends that the universe itself is one big quantum computer producing what we see around us, and ourselves, as it runs a cosmic program.

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Ethical AI: Part I
Artificial intelegence, particularly that of agents and NPCs, is on a steep climb, as it races towards the goal of a self-motivated, computer generated individual. Yet, what will we do, when we have self-sentient computer programs? Will they have rights, will they have desires? What will become of them?

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: A Detective Story: A Computer is still A Computer
With a little creative thought, any modern-day convenience can be replicated in a world striving for an olden day feel, simply by changing its design to suit.

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Computer game boosts maths scores
A daily dose of computer games can boost maths attainment, according to a study carried out in Scottish schools.

Gaming Lives explores the complexly rendered relationship between computer gaming environments and literacy development by focusing on in-depth case studies of computer gamers in the United States at the beginning of the twenty-first century. This volume examines the claim that computer games can provide better literacy and learning environments than U.S. schools.


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Computer-aided detection or CAD, which has been increasingly used to create computer-aided backup scans in breast screening, designed to improve accuracy, according to the first large-scale study of the technology; actually reduced the accu...

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Their study is scheduled for t...

Researchers at the University of Chicago are developing computer-aided diagnosis (CADx) and quantitative image analysis (QIA) methods for mammograms, ultrasounds and magnetic resonance images (MRIs) to identify specific tumor characteristic...

For the last week or so, Google, the main internet search engine, has been able to read inside DWG files posted on the internet.

DWG is a closed format, used to create CAD (Computer Aided Design) documents, and controlled by ...