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Computer-Generated Forces

Computer-Generated Forces is is a military VR term meaning NPC troops on the battle simulation which are controlled by artificial intelligence, and act within a command hierarchy much like physical troops do.

See also: Semi-Automated Forces

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Computer-Generated Forces


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Ethical AI: Part I
Artificial intelegence, particularly that of agents and NPCs, is on a steep climb, as it races towards the goal of a self-motivated, computer generated individual. Yet, what will we do, when we have self-sentient computer programs? Will they have rights, will they have desires? What will become of them?

This book?s author essentially sees CGI imagery as the next great art-form. This book, is an art book, filled with lavish full colour spreads of image captures from passive VR. Both TV and feature film type.

British Sky Broadcasting (Sky) is the operator of the UK's largest digital pay television platform. On weeknights they operate Sky Vegas. In September 2007 this service changed to become interactive, computer generated horseracing.

This book, by author and renowned VR expert Howard Rhinegold, was first published in 1991 ? nearly twenty years ago. All those years back, Rhinegold still managed to predict VR applications that are only just being realised today. Walking through computer mediated environments, with the power of physical legs; having targeted muscle re-enervation provide the neural connectivity of physical legs if you have none. Doctors treating patients remotely, or operating on precise mock-ups of patients before they lay eyes on them for the first time. Touring buildings, rendered in 3D, from blueprints alone.

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Games Innovation Database - Procedual Content Generation
The Games Innovation Database is a repository of all original innovations in computer gaming. This article looks at Rogue, the first adventure game to ever use procedurally generated content, to create its levels, and why this worked so well.

The 2004 Disney Channel Original Movie Pixel Perfect, is not available outside of Disney broadcast releases, but the soundtrack is. Among the tracks on it, are three songs, each with multiple meanings yet, from the way they were presented in the film, it is clear they were meant to refer to aspects of the life of a computer generated singer.

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Open Source 3D Human Models
Industry News

On the 26th of May 2005, two companies (Zygote Media Group and e frontier) joined forces to give us a new model of open source distribution ? 3D avatars.

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Render Unto Caesar
Virtual worlds have shown themselves to have very real, and fairly powerful market forces when it comes to items from within them being traded openly on the internet. Time to stop arguing about the value of virtual, and start worrying about the reality of the virtual?

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The Sharp Side of Emulated Erosion
Typically in VR, when we model erosive forces, we think of the smoothing effect of water. We think of smooth stones, smooth edges, and smooth cavities. We don't typically think of sharp edges and triangles. That may be a mistake.

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Makers of Dusk and Dawn
A look at the ultimate future of MMOs and social VR - player generated content. Second Life have worked out they have the equivalent of $400 million dollars of creative input per year - how to leverage that kind of player drive, and grade it in a MMO?


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